Many residential and commercial places around the globe have become home to wildlife animals. The presence of wild animals in cities and urban areas is one of the many side effects of global warming. Another reason for this is the destruction of the natural habitats of these animals that forces them to move towards cities and find shelter there. However, people who have faced the problem of wildlife animals living in their houses know exactly how hard it is to bear these creatures as housemates and to what extent this nuisance can prove to be destructive for both the people living in the house and the structure of the house itself.

Wildlife Removal Services

It is quite rare to see an elephant or a tiger roaming the cities because they are bigger in size and can be identified and kept out of urban areas easily. But what about those small wild animals i.e. raccoons, squirrels, snakes, and even bats that weasel their way inside the commercial and residential places and find a perfect dark corner for themselves or a hole in the attic to spend the rest of their lives in comfort?

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These animals are harder to keep out of cities and this is why if people find them in their offices or houses, they immediately call wildlife Removal services and get them eliminated as soon as possible. However, do not forget that there are laws to protect even these small wild animals and therefore, they must be removed in a way that’s safe for everyone and humane as well. 

It is one thing to bear the presence of these animals but a totally different thing to let them damage your house. Yes, these little creatures create small holes in the walls, and in the attics as well. They eat the wires and destroy the yards. So, if you want to know how you can get rid of these animals, here are the three most effective methods to do that. 

1- Do a Thorough Inspection of Your Place.

Wildlife Removal Services

In order to remove annoying wildlife from your place, it is important to inspect your house carefully. You don’t have to hire wildlife control services for a thorough inspection of your place because you can do it yourself. Start inspecting from outside your building and look for the openings that are serving entranceways to these creatures. Look for the walls and sidings that have been deteriorated by cold and wet weather.

Seal all the possible openings and do not ignore small holes because these tiny openings may also provide them entrance in your building. Look carefully for cable wires, pipes, and vent exits of the building as these little creatures often make their way to your building through them. Damaged vents should be repaired and covered properly. Furthermore, do examine the soffits, gutters, and roof of your house on a regular basis and especially where the gables connect with the roof. Installation of animal-proof chimney caps will also be helpful in keeping wild animals away from your house.

By sealing all the possible entry points, you can successfully keep them away from your building. 

2- Remove Sources of Food and Water

If you have a yard, it is suggested to build a fence around its walls to avoid the entry of wild creatures. Do not invite them to your place by leaving food items uncovered. Make sure, you do not have water standing anywhere inside your building or outside in your yard. Avoid feeding your pets outside and if you do so, clean all the spilled food and also remove their bowls from there. In addition to all this, store garbage in cans with lids tightly closed. By taking the above measures, one could deter hungry wild creatures and keep them at bay.

3- Eliminate Shelters

Wildlife Removal Services

These creatures look for dark corners as their shelters and also take refuge in trash cans in cold weather. Make sure you cover the bins with lids and try to put them outside, away from your yard. Also, trim tall grass, cut dead trees and remove debris in order to make your yard an unfavorable place for wild animals to live in. Some types of rodents also dig holes in the ground of yards to live inside them. Therefore, if you want to keep wild animals away from your place, keeping an eye everywhere is a must.