I will show you three unique ways to make money using Web Scraping.

Do you know what data is currently being read? This sounds like a few sentences, but basically all you read on the Internet is data that can be obtained, separated and manipulated. After simplification, this is the Web Scraper. They check the code created for creating a website (HTML code) or database and obtain the required data. Almost all websites can be deleted. Some websites have taken some measures to stop these crawlers from stealing your data, but if enough, it can actually wipe out 99% of online websites.

If you don’t know what Web Scraper is, then now you have an idea, we can understand why you read this article. money. Web crawling can be a unique way to make money, and it doesn’t look difficult. In fact, all the methods and examples that I will show you cost less than 50 lines of code and only take a few hours to learn. Having said that, let me state you.So hold on your gaming chairs for long hours and start reading.

3 Techniques To Make Money Using Web Scraping

1. Create Bots

Robots are just technical terms for programs that perform specific operations. Depending on the nature of this operation, you can sell it to people without technical skills.

To show how to create and sell robots, I created an Airbnb robot. The robot allows the user to enter a location and will return all the houses Airbnb offers at that location, including price, grade, number of guests allowed, rooms, beds and bathrooms. All of this is done by scraping data from every post on the Airbnb website.

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To demonstrate the operation of the robot, I will enter a location. Suppose I want to search for Airbnb in Rome, Italy. I only know Rome in the rover, it will return 272 unique Airbnb in seconds in an organized Excel spreadsheet.C:\Users\User\Desktop\other stuffs\guest\excelcustomautofiltermorethantwocriteria11.png

It is now easy to view all houses/features and their comparison with other publications. Filtering is also much easier. I live in a family of four, and if we go to Rome, we will look for Airbnb with at least 2 beds at reasonable prices. Now, with this neat and orderly spreadsheet, Excel can easily filter based on my needs.

When you are on vacation, finding accommodation can be an extremely difficult task, and I’m sure most of us will feel this at some point. Therefore, some people are willing to pay to facilitate this process. With this robot, I made the process easier. You just saw that I booked a room that met all my needs at a discounted price within 5 minutes.

Believe me, people are willing to pay to make life easier.

2. Resale

One of the most common uses of web scraping is to obtain prices on the website. Others create a web crawler that runs daily and returns the price of a specific product. When the price drops to a firm amount, the program will automatically purchase the product before it runs out. Then, because the demand for the product will exceed the supply, they resell the product at a higher worth for profit. This is just one example of many resale strategies used by web scrapers.

The other one I will show you can save you a lot of money and also bring you a lot of benefits.

Each retail website has limited sales and offers, and displays the original price and sales price in it. But what they didn’t do was show how much they actually decreased compared to the original price. For example, if the initial price of a watch is $350 and the retail price is $300, you might think that a discount of $50 would be a lot of money, but in reality this is only $14, 2%. Now, if the original price of a T-shirt is $50, and the retail price is $40, you can see that $10 is not cheap compared to the original price, but in fact the discount is 20% higher than the watch. Therefore, you can buy through The product with the highest discount to save money/make money.

They use Hudson’s Bay (Hudson’s Bay), which is a department store that sells various brands of goods. They will use the web crawling function to get the original price and retail price of all products, and then at the highest discount.

C:\Users\User\Desktop\other stuffs\guest\combinecolumnsinexcel1.png

After deleting the site, it returned more than 900 products. You can see that only one of the 900 products has a discount of more than 50%. That would be the Perry Ellis Solid ironless dress shirt.

This sale price is just a limited time offer, so the price of this shirt will eventually be around $90 again. So if you buy it now for $40 and sell it for $30 at the end of the limited sale for $60 less than its original price, you can still get a profit of $20.

his is a method, if you find a suitable niche market, you have a chance to make a lot of money.

3. Data sales

Everyone has millions of free and accessible online datasets. These data are usually easy to collect, so they can be recycled by anyone who wants to use them. On the other hand, some data is not easy to obtain, and it takes a long time or a lot of work to combine a good, clean data set. It has become an evolution of data sales. Some companies focus on obtaining data that may be difficult to obtain and structure it into clean, user-friendly spreadsheets or dashboards, and others can use them at a certain cost.You can also search Best Overall Exercise Equipment For Home if you get tired of finding sheets.

BigDataBall is a sports data website that sells athlete records for quarterly data, and item-by-match data and other statistics cost $30. The reason they want this price is not because only these people have this data, but because only one website provides this data on a structured and neat dashboard. , Easy to read.

Now, all I have to do is get the same data as BigDataBall for free and put it in a structured dataset, just like I did before.

As I said before, they are not the only data with such data. Basketball-Reference.com all have the same data, but they are unstructured, which means that your data is ubiquitous and difficult to read, and you can’t just download the required data set. This is where the web crawls. I will grab the website of all player logs for each game and put them into a structured dataset like BigDataBall.

After browsing Web Basketball-Reference.com, we have achieved a record of more than 16,000 players so far this season. You will see why you can monetize this data in a clean and comfortable format because no wise person will manually retrieve 16,000 data records and put them into their own data set. But with web crawling, we were able to obtain this information in a few minutes and save $30.

Needless to say, you can do what BigDataBall does. Manually search for hard-to-obtain data, let your computer do the work, and then sell it to people who need the data in a structured data set.


In present world where everyone wants to make money, Web Scraping has become a new and unique way to make money. If it is used in appropriate circumstances, it can save a lot of money, and it is easier than most people think.

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