In this crisis, dust masks are a great tool for preventing ourselves from the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  These typical masks are also being called surgical or medical masks. Dust mask are loose-fitting masks that shield your nose and mouth with ear loops, ties or bands at the back of the head. Today, these masks offered by many different brands and also come in different colors.

dust mask

Each brand claims that its dust masks which packed in hygienic Custom Dust Mask Packaging Boxes to be the best one from others. Yet, no matter which brand you would choose from to get this mask, if you cannot wear it properly then the mask will be useless. 

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The Function of a Dust Mask

Wearing a dust mask will surely help in limiting the spread of germs.  When someone talks, sneezes, or coughs, they might release small drops into the air that can infect others around. Moreover, if one of your friends is ill, a dust masks can decrease the number of germs that release when you are around that person.  A dust masks will also protect your nose and mouth from splashes or sprays of body fluids.

When to Wear a Dust Mask

In this pandemic, you should consider wearing a dust mask whenever you have to go out or have to be around with other people.  In fact, in an effort to stop the spread out, governments from various countries across 0the world strictly regulate their people to wear masks anywhere they go.

How to Wear a Dust Mask Properly 

If you are not comfortable when you wear a dust mask, that means you are not wearing it properly. This is not a simple case as you might even feel pain on the backside of your ears when you put on the mask wrongly. 

Below is step by step to put on your dust mask properly.

  • Step 1

The first thing you have to do is definitely wash your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer before touching your dust mask.

  • Step 2

Now remove a dust mask from the Dust Mask Packaging Box and make sure there are no noticeable holes in both sides of the mask. 

  • Step 3

Find out which side of the mask is the top one. The side of the mask that has a solid bendable edge has to be used as the top side and is meant to frame to your nose shape.

  • Step 4

Then find out which side is the front one. The colored-side of a dust mask is commonly the front side and must be facing away from you, whereas the white side should touch your face.

  • Step 5

Hold the mask properly from its ear loops and place a loop around each of your ears. Next, pinch the stiff edge to your nose shape. Finally, pull the bottom of your dust mask over your mouth and chin.

How to Remove Your Masks Properly

Removing your mask might be easier than putting it on your face. However, you still need to understand the proper way to do it. 

Same as when you need to wear it, you have to wash your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer before touching your mask on your face. Try to avoid touching the front side of your mask as it might be contaminated. Hold both of the ear loops and slowly lift and remove the mask from your face. Throw the mask in the trash, then wash your hands again with soap and water or hand sanitizer.

How Long You Could Wear a Dust Mask?

To be noted, you should never share dust masks, even if they still look clean. Each dust mask can be worn only for a maximum of 8 hours.  

Which Dust Masks Is Best to Use?

So far, there is no specific brand that we can say offering the best dust masks to prevent us from the spread out of the disease. However, you should always purchase your dust masks from medical stores to make sure they are of good quality and hygienic for you to use. 

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If you wish to have a great stock of dust masks so that you would not need to go to medical stores daily, then the first thing you should check out is definitely how well and hygienic the custom dust mask boxes that cover the masks inside. If the packaging is convincing enough for you, then you can be assured that the dust masks inside offer the best quality. 

Wrapping Up

Prevention is always better than any kind of treatment. For this reason, all of us should take care of ourselves to prevent the COVID-19 virus to enter our body. Since this virus attacks our respiratory system, it is important to protect our nose and mouth from the spread out. Nevertheless, a dust mask can act as a perfect shelter that gives the most protection from this threatening virus.