Do not expect that now I will reveal to you a secret, and the happiness of taking off in the TOP will fall on everyone. It would be cool, of course, only I do not know him. Nevertheless, in practice, we were able to bring some aspects of the operation of youtube search videos algorithms “into the clear.” What I will tell you in this article will bring a guaranteed result.

youtube search videos

Are you curious how to increase YouTube video rankings? Then implement these 6 tips.

No. 1. Prepare the content users are looking for

Find the exact words and phrases that people use to find videos about your topic. Free tools (for example, Keyword Tool and YouTube Trends), as well as paid services (for example, Video Cents and VidIQ) will help to do this.

Paid tools will give a little more data, but their main advantage is that they show how difficult it will be to break one position higher for a particular request.

Define a middle ground when keywords will give you enough views and the competition will be moderate.

Have you decided? Feel free to take on the creation of content.

Optimize your video for search

For all its power, YouTube is still hard to recognize content in the video. Therefore, you need to tell about it yourself. Do it in the description? If you use keywords (organically, without spam), it is likely that your position will be higher. Enter them in the name of the video (it’s better to start with them), a description, that should contain target words.

No. 2. Increase video viewing time

This is damn true because the viewing video time is more important factor for increasing YouTube growth. And vice versa – if the video is interesting, it is searched more often to the end, which means its rating is higher. But we are talking not only about minutes, but about the percentage of viewing of the total duration (although it is ideal to increase both of these indicators).

Look at the latest videos of “Jobs alert”. They are small, as before, up to 10 minutes. But there is a small detail that we changed, and as a result – significantly increased user engagement. If you saw old records, you will most likely notice this:

“Jobs alert” from the first seconds immediately voices the topic and gets down to business. Take it into service – abandon long intros and conclusions.

People will become longer and more likely to watch your video. YouTube will understand that it’s valuable to users and will show it to a wider audience. Accordingly, video positions in your category will grow.

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No. 3. Let people spend more time on your channel

This may not be easy, but try to make users watch more than one of your videos. Of course, all channel owners want this, but not everyone is actively encouraging people to see something else. 

If users watch one video after another on your channel (even if they later go to other channels), the YouTube algorithm will consider this a plus for you, which, of course, will positively affect search results.

A good way to encourage people to watch more videos is through interactive thumbnails. Use them to direct users further on your channel.

At the end of this video, “Jobs alert” mentions another video on the topic where you can go and find out more.

Another important point is that the content you provide should actually be very useful for users to click on. No other way.

Number 4. Create consistent content

YouTube (like its older brother Google) respects authorities. If you regularly upload videos on the same topic for several years, you’re much more likely to take a good position in the search than the “newborn” channel.

Therefore, choose the narrowest niche as possible and stick to your topic. YouTube recognizes you as a reliable source in this area and will increase your ranking. If your content is too diverse, most likely, the search algorithm will let it through the full. Remember, YouTube is in the TOP niche.

No. 5. Promote videos with external links

We just said that YouTube prefers authoritative video. This also applies to links. If your video is linked to some kind of high-quality resource on the Internet, YouTube thinks that your content is really significant and adds points to you.

You can post links to videos on your site. But even better, when other authoritative resources share the same content.

Think about how you can promote your content to external sites that are relevant to your market.

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No. 6. Develop audience engagement

Comments and likes are great as a social proof of the value of the content. Comments are also an important or vital factor for increasing YouTube growth. Through comments you would be connected with audience and you can engage the audience through comments.

Again, it comes down to the fact that if your content is actually useful and significant for people (like it, share it with friends), YouTube sees this and puts your channel in TOP positions.