Tadiandamol Trek, the least involved pinnacle of Coorg put at 5735 feet, could likewise be a trekking spot 275 Kms from the city. It’s one of the first viable Western Ghats treks set in the state. Tadiandmol trekking subtleties is found in nuances beneath:

Tadiandamol Trek
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Before I compose the rest of it, is the reference map for the Tadiandamol trek. It will help you in knowing about the trek all through a superior methodology. 

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Naked Castle 

The naked castle is the leaving reason for the bigger vehicles like transport, Minibus or rhythm someone. There are likewise next to no retailers around from where you will be prepared to get bites and water bottles. There are no stopping charges here. 


Even though there is a motorable street from the royal residence to the point, bigger vehicles can’t move to the edge. Be that as it may, you will be prepared to at present blur a littler vehicle kind of a car or SUV or MUV. Perspective is one.9 Kms from the Nalknad Castle. The view is the last reason till where you will be prepared to take your vehicle. 

Backwoods Passage reason 

The point from where the imperative trek begins. It’s 2.2 direct metric unit from the Nalknad Royal residence. It’s where you should be constrained to take authorization. Timberland section charges for Tadiandamol trek is Rs. Twenty for each head. It’s almost 300 meters from the edge. 

There is a store assembled on the purpose of the passage where you will be prepared to get bites and water bottles or once originating from the trek; you will be prepared to have snacks here. 

Heading to Tadiandamol from city (Street condition) 

Bangalore to Hunsur: 100 and eighty Kms (Two-way street) 

Hunsur to Virajpet: sixty-five direct metric units (Twofold street, single path) 

Virajpet to Tadiandamol: thirty straight metric units (Practically single stairs streets) 

Quest on Google maps for “Nalknad Castle, Nalknad Royal residence Street, Yevakapadi, state 571214”. you will see a driving course until there. you will be prepared to drive your vehicle until there. Park your truck over yonder and from that point forward, start trekking on a comparative course for Tadiandmol trek. Accordingly, there is no leaving expense and vehicles are additionally protected there. 

Tadiandamol Trekking

Tadiandmol could likewise be a moderate level trek with Trek separation of about six metric direct units one side. Which implies this trek is exclusively covered all through one day if trekking begins early in the morning. Time to trek to the pinnacle takes around 2-3 hours on the standard. The more significant part of the path is full, and there is zero chance to prompt loss. 

Naked Royal residence to perspective: one.9 Km 

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Motorable street 

soak on the off chance that you went ahead a transport and needed to stop at Nalknad Royal residence 

45 minutes of strolling 

Espresso manors, blossoms, absolutely entirely unexpected organic products trees on the methodology. 

Perspective to Backwoods Section point: 300 Meters 

Perspective is the last spot where you will be prepared to get snacks, water jugs and tea. 

Backwoods section charges unit twenty rupees/head 

5 minutes of strolling 

The extremely pleasant sweep of timespan and towns 

Campground to the pinnacle: one.5 Km 

Soak way 

Breezy way with a lot of perspectives 

1 to 1.5 long stretches of trekking 

Not long before the top, there is a remote stretch of around five hundred meters. The path is unrealistically steep there. At interims the rainstorm, it gets incredibly elusive, expanding the odds of smearing. So be cautious. 

Tadiandmol outdoors

It isn’t an educated camp at the top, because of the stature it gets blustery and set up there is no office at the absolute best. As imagined at interims, the picture above, set up your shelter on the purpose of the enormous stone. A gigantic rock comes almost [*fr1] partner hour before the Tadiandmol top. There is an office over there. The stone gives cover from the expedient breezes and scarcely little of downpour set up. 

Different focuses on being dealt with while Outdoors

– remember of elephants 

– it may be extraordinarily breezy and stormy at the top in a rainstorm 

– there is no would genuinely like for controlling because of the path is clear 

– If it’s not too much trouble go adjacent to somebody World Wellbeing Association has just been there 

Staying determinations on the purpose of Tadiandamol 

There are a lot of staying choices on the purpose of Tadiandamol. Here, I am going to rattle off an assortment of the remaining choices.

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