Farmhouse style can be described as cozy, warm, inviting and down to earth. It usually leans a little more towards traditional or vintage but modern farmhouse decor are equally popular. When it comes to the farmhouse decor, the first things that come to mind is distressed furnishings and vintage prints.

You can try open shelving to place your favorite heirlooms or knickknacks or get some with some upcycling to portray the old as the new. Choose the right rug and build the rest of the place around it for warm and inviting farmhouse feels.

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Rugs in Neutral Tones

Farmhouse decor is not usually very pretentious with gaudy embellishments and accents. It lends itself to natural furniture pieces and earthy tones. To truly maintain the farmhouse feel and look, you can stick to basic neutral rugs. It not just serves as an ideal way to bring warmth to your indoor spaces but also pull together the decor of the place. Earthy and neutral tones are known to stir up the feelings of tranquility and peace, which makes them a great addition to the farmhouse decor. With neutral, we do not mean you have to avoid bright colors altogether, you can opt for soft and pastel hues such as faded area rug in ocean blue color or contemporary rug with geometric trellis pattern in a shade of neutral beige. 

Selecting Rugs for Farmhouse --
Rug for Farmhouse

Charismatic Rugs with Traditional Appeal

Speaking of farmhouse style, the key to mastering it is to let the vintage accents, family heirlooms and neutral elements such as rugs stand out. You can choose from timeless transitional rugs that bring along a splash of classical vibe and adds a finishing touch to the indoor spaces. You can opt for an oriental area rug with intricate floral borders in a subtle shade of cream or medallion area rug to spruce up the decor settings. 

Elegant Transitional Rugs 

When it comes to modern decor, you can cultivate the farmhouse vibe with distressed wood furniture, antiques strategically decorated on the contemporary floating shelves, vintage rugs beautifully layering the floors. This decor style brings a little more flexibility and you can pick some transitional style area rugs to complete the look. The geometric block area rug is one of an inspiring design that seamlessly blends with all kinds of furnishings and themes and enhances the overall visual appeal of the space. 

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