Hair loss is such a common problem among people of all ages that every other person suffers from it. The problem starts with a minor hair fall but proceeds to handfuls of hair and eventually leads to balding. The issue of hair fall doesn’t just take hair away from a person; but, they also take away their confidence, self-assurance, and their ability to walk around proudly.

prp hair treatment

Hair loss can also affect a person’s mental health, and they can suffer from severe anxiety attacks and depression. Anyone who goes through hair loss; goes through a lot emotionally and mentally.

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Hair loss itself can happen by various things like a traumatic event, toxic and harmful chemicals, pattern baldness, medications, etc. But, hair loosed because of the mentioned things can be brought back hair treatments, both surgical and non-surgical. One such therapy for hair loss is PRP hair treatment in Islamabad, which is a highly effective and a very practical way of getting hair back.

PRP or Platelet-rich Plasma is an easy yet effective treatment that the doctors use to increase the healing process in different areas of the body. This process especially became famous for the wonders it did to the scalp when it came to restoring hair. Doctors use PRP for hair restoration when the hair follicles shrink, stop producing, and nourishing hair. Even though this is new research, it has a very high success rate.

If you are one of the people who are suffering from hair loss and thinking about getting a PRP hair treatment, then hear us out. Because we have prepared a detailed guide about the most famous and successful hair treatment, which will tell you everything about the process, its side effects, and its benefits.

What is PRP hair treatment?

To understand PRP’s role, you need to know the purpose of platelets in healing every part of the body. Platelets are a component of blood, just like white and red blood cells. Whenever a person suffers from a wound or cut, the platelets are the first elements of the blood that respond to that cut or wound and arrive at the place to heal it. When the doctors discovered this healing ability of platelet, they realized that if platelets could heal an injury, then it can also treat the scalp and urge the scalp to grow new healthy hair. PRP therapy contains proteins and growth factors that speed up tissue repair and help hair to regrow by reversing the process of baldness.

Process of PRP hair treatment:

  1. The procedure of PRP treatment in Islamabad goes something like this:
  2. A hair professional will draw blood from your veins (mostly from arms).
  3. That blood is then placed in a centrifuge. A machine that spins blood very fast to separate its components like platelets.
  4. After that, with a syringe, the platelets is taken from the blood, and the rest of the blood is thrown.
  5. Finally, the platelets from your blood is injected into the area of scalp suffering from hair loss.

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The whole process is so easy that it takes one hour to complete. However, several PRP procedure sessions may be needed to give your follicles enough platelets to kick start their hair growth joinery.  After going through the process of PRP hair treatment, the patient can resume his regular activities. This means that a person can get PRP treatment at any time of the day because it will not affect their life.

How effective is PRP hair treatment?

PRP treatment is highly effective. The proof of PRP’s success can be account for by a research held in 2019, which showed that the 460 people chosen for the experiment were all bald, and after the PRP treatment, proper hair growth was visible on their head. The PRP treatment led to incredible hair growth in all 460 people suffering from baldness. These results of this recorded in ‘Dermatologic Surgery.’

How long do the effects of one session last?

PRP treatment is not a cure for the reason why a person is suffering from hair loss. If a person is depressed and losses hair, then gets a PRP treatment but continues to stay depressed, then PRP treatment won’t be a long-lasting cure for his hair loss. If his depression continues, he might need to get multiple treatments of PRP to keep the healthy hair on his head.  But, in normal cases, one session’s effect can last up to a year. After that, your scalp may grow natural hair on its own, but if not, you can get more PRP sessions to boost your follicles. Once your hair fall is under control, your doctor might ask you to have booster injections after 6-7 months.

Side effects of PRP treatment:

The best thing about PRP treatment is that it doesn’t have any side effects, and the ones that it has are not at all dangerous.  This is because PRP treatment doesn’t involve any foreign chemicals that may be harmful. The whole process performed with the patient’s blood, so there are no side effects.

However, a person may experience mild pain, the injected site, mild swelling, scalp tenderness, and itching –nothing that time and a warm shower can’t fix.

Advantages of PRP hair treatment:

After learning practically everything about PRP hair treatment, you must have realized its benefits. If you still have doubts about this treatment, then here are some advantages of the procedure:

  1. The treatment is very safe because it uses your body’s platelets, so there is no allergic reaction by this treatment.
  2. The PRP treatment is very convenient in the sense that you can get the treatment at any time of the day and then return to your regular routine. No discomfort or disruption caused because of PRP.
  3. This treatment is affordable as compared to other hair loss treatments.
  4. PRP is more effective than other treatments. PRP treatment has less chance of failing because it uses platelets to cure hair loss.
  5. This treatment will get you quick results. You don’t have to wait months to see hair treatment results because, with PRP treatment, you will see hair growing within 4-5 weeks.

Hopefully this detailed guide cleared most queries you had about the PRP hair treatment. now, you can get your hair back with easily with this therapy.