Through case study, students get a chance to experience the problems they will be facing in real life situations. There are different people or members of an organization that participate in case studies. The case solution depends entirely on the field of study. For instance, business students will examine the reasons due to which a company had to shut down or what they did in order to thrive. Whereas medical and science students will determine how the solution of a particular experiment helped in various discoveries that have helped the humanity. 

Therefore, different situations and scenarios that have changed the course of thinking of people are studied by the students. Then the particular solutions to those problems and situations are presented so that the root cause can be identified and the same mistakes are avoided in the future.   

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Online case solution websites:

There are a number of websites available that provide different case solution. These sites have case studies for all subjects like for accounting, science, business, finance etc. Hence, these sites help the students to get an idea that which type of problems they will be facing when they are in the practical field. 

Format for Case Solution:

When writing a case solution, students are required to follow certain rules and regulations for the formatting of case study. Here is the most common format that is mostly followed:

  • Cover page
  • Table of contents
  • Summary
  • Introduction
  • Analysis of findings
  • Alternatives
  • Recommendations
  • Concluding paragraph
  • Appendices
  • Bibliography

Various advantages and disadvantages:

Incorporating case studies into teaching has a number of advantages as well as disadvantages for the students of universities and colleges. Some of those are discussed as followed.


As discussed earlier, the purpose of case study is to prepare the students for practical situations that they will face on a daily basis. If they are already prepared to face those problems, they will be better in tackling them. Not only will it help them build strong analytical skill, but the students will also know how to carry out research when needed. 


There are also a number of disadvantages as well. The most common and the biggest disadvantage is that not all students have a same point of view regarding different things. Due to this, there might be a difference of opinion among students as well. Some of the students might not feel that the case study writing service that has been derived in the past is appropriate for the problem. 

Another disadvantage is that the same case study cannot be used for different scenarios. This is because for every field of study, the case studies are also different as explained above. In addition to that, case study needs a lot of research and preparation. Which is why it is a time taking process. Some courses are of short duration. In such courses, case study might not be an appropriate way of teaching as it will take most of the time.