As you enter the first trimester of your pregnancy, it is crucial to make important, temporary changes change your lifestyle in order to maintain the best pregnancy health. From eating healthy pregnancy foods to choosing the best exercises for pregnancy and following other best practices for a healthy pregnancy, there are plenty of steps that you can take. 

Over here, we have included 15 different pregnancy tips for first-time moms as well as second-time moms. These tips will help you ensure good health for yourself as well as your developing baby. 

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1) Get plenty of rest

Getting plenty of rest is one of the important healthy pregnancy tips. If you have a busy lifestyle, lightening up your schedule and getting plenty of rest is a must for you. During pregnancy, your body goes through a lot of physical as well as mental changes which can frequently attire you and cause you to experience mental as well as physical fatigue and exhaustion. 

2) Join a prenatal class

One of the most important pregnancy tips for first-time moms all obstetricians/gynaecologists recommended is to join a prenatal class. Doing this will help you educate yourself about everything that you need to know about healthy pregnancy. Prenatal class sessions also help you learn about several pregnancy tips and tricks that can help you better cope with the changes that your body will experience throughout the pregnancy duration. 

3) Eat healthy, organic foods

One of the early pregnancy tips that work to your benefit right from the first trimester is to eat healthy and organic foods. Some of the healthy pregnancy foods include green vegetables (broccoli, lettuce, and kale), sweet potato, legumes, lean meat, eggs, dairy products, fish liver oil, whole grains, berries, dried fruits, and avocado. 


4) Maintain a balanced diet 

One of the tried and true tips on having a healthy baby is to maintain a balanced diet. When planning out your diet, make sure to stick to balanced portions. Many obstetricians/gynaecologists recommend eating smaller but frequent meals throughout the day in order to provide consistent nutrition and energy to the body. 

5) Limit your cravings

Due to the hormonal changes that frequently take place in the body during pregnancy, it’s common for all moms-to-be to experience cravings from different types of foods such as chocolates, spicy pickles, ice cream, fast food such as pizza, burgers, etc. Rather than completely avoiding cravings, doctors and pregnancy experts recommend limiting them as a healthy pregnancy tip. 

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6) Choose healthy snacks over unhealthy ones

Maintaining a healthy snacking routine is just as important as choosing healthy pregnancy foods. Choose healthy snack alternatives such as fruits, berries, dried fruits, nuts, and oats over unhealthy ones such as burgers, fried potatoes, potato chips, biscuits, and desserts. 

7) Drink plenty of water

An important step that often gets overlooked on how to take care during pregnancy is to drink plenty of water. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day helps you stay hydrated which, in turn, improves nutrition intake in your body. This, in turn, helps you maintain good overall pregnancy health and steer clear from the risk of complications. 

8) Visit your obstetrician/gynaecologist on a regular basis

One of the most important pregnancy tips for first-time moms is to visit the obstetrician/gynaecologist on a regular basis. Ring this helps you stay on the no of everything that will help you maintain good pregnancy health and pave way for a normal and healthy delivery. 

9) Practice regular exercises

The benefits that regular exercises have on pregnancy health cannot be undermined. In fact, regular exercise comes as one of the most important tips on having a healthy baby as well as maintaining good post-delivery health. You can do several pregnancy exercises at home, including indoor cycling, stretching, relaxed belly breathing, and weight training exercises. 


10) Eliminate toxins

Eliminating toxins is one of the most important pregnancy tips for normal delivery. Toxins that accumulate in the body from cigarettes, alcohol consumption, and tobacco consumption are linked to several pregnancy complications such as miscarriages, C-section delivery, and even birth defects. It’s important to cut these habits during pregnancy in order to keep your pregnancy health in the best shape possible. 

11) Wear comfortable shoes

As you progress in your pregnancy, your bump grows and so does your overall body weight. Therefore, it’s important to wear comfortable shoes, especially when traveling in order to avoid swelling of the feet and ankles. 

12) Include pelvic floor exercise in your physical fitness routine

Pelvic floor exercise is one of the best exercises for normal delivery. Pelvic floor exercises are considered as one of the best exercises of pregnancy as they help improve pelvic muscle strength which, in turn, helps you better prepare (physically) for childbirth. 

13) Do the things you love

The hormonal and physical changes that your body goes through during pregnancy can stress you out and wear you down. One of the best ways to beat the pregnancy blues is to do the things you love, such as pursuing your hobby. Several exercises for pregnant women such as deep breathing, stretching, and yoga can help relieve pregnancy-related stress. 

14) Maintain good personal hygiene

Maintaining good personal hygiene during pregnancy is a must in order to avoid infections that, otherwise, can significantly increase the risk of complications. From bathroom hygiene to sexual hygiene, make sure that you cover all areas of hygiene in order to improve your pregnancy health as well as maintain the best safety for your developing child. 

15) Learn about postpartum depression

Many mothers experience postpartum depression after childbirth. Some of the common postpartum depression symptoms include feeling guilty, angry, sad, or loss of interest in day-to-day activities. It’s important to learn about postpartum depression in order to better prepare yourself for a healthy lifestyle post-delivery.