The COVID-19 pandemic or Novel Coronavirus has brought the entire world to its knees and has become one of the deadliest pandemics after Spanish Flu. People are dying in thousands on a daily basis and no amount of precautions or treatments seem to be enough. While social distancing seems to be the only solution, it is entirely impossible to maintain the state of lockdown with zero failure. As the tally keeps on rising, so is the state of the rumours that keep on making it impossible to discern in between the fake news and the actual facts. While most of the world is relying on vaccine development to hope for a better tomorrow, it is still not known whether the vaccine will be effective or not.

Novel Corona Virus

So, to help all our readers access the WHO-approved information, we are sharing this post that comprises all the major facts and important things that you must know about the Novel Corona Virus.

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So, read on, stay indoors as much as possible and make sure you focus on boosting your immunity. You can also consider taking immunity boosting health supplements that are readily available online on websites such as Medlife. You can order the monthly packs for the whole family to lower the odds of infections as much as possible. Don’t forget to make use of discount options such as Medlife Coupons to enjoy savings on every order.

Now, read on!

COVID-19 Pandemic – Quick Facts:

As of 13 May 2020, 4179479 confirmed cases of corona have been reported from all over the globe.

The global death tally stands at 287525.

Though the country of origin, China has witnessed a steady control over the virus, many countries are still experiencing it and any spikes in future are highly probable.

WHO Guidelines for COVID-19:

To avoid infection from your hands, keep washing your hands regularly with any soap and water. If you are unable to do so, you can also use and alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

The virus infection spreads from body fluids. So, it is advised to maintain a distance of at least 1 m from each other. This way even if someone in your surroundings sneezes, coughs or speaks, the body fluids will not be able to reach you.

Avoid crowded places and places that might have scattered groups of people, to minimize your chances of exposure to the deadly COVID-19 virus. Further, you will be unable to maintain the safe distance of 1 meter in the crowd. So, avoid going out in the crowded areas.

Self isolation is to be strictly followed if you encounter any symptoms such as mild fever, headaches, breathlessness and difficulty in breathing. Make a call to the local authorities or consult online with doctors for confirming the symptoms before going to the doctor for an in-person check-up. You can make use of facilities offered by the online websites such as Medlife that offer online consultation with doctor. To make your consultation easy on your pockets, grab some Medlife Coupons and enjoy decent discounts.

When you go out, exercise precaution and avoid touching your face and body parts such as eyes, nose and mouth. This is because your hands are bound to touch many surfaces that might be contaminated. All these body passages can become the entry points for Corona Virus.

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Ensure proper respiratory hygiene by covering your mouth and nose while coughing and sneezing. If you don’t have any other thing to cover your nose, you can use your bent elbow as well. Follow the directions of the local authorities as they have the most recent and the most updated information on the pandemic status in your area.

Instead of believing any random source of information, maintain regular touch with the authorities such as WHO that have the most trustworthy information on the Novel Corona Virus.

Take a quick look the following FAQs to learn more about COVID-19.

  1. How should I wash fruits and vegetables in the current scenario?

You must wash the fruits and vegetables as you always do. Before cooking them, you must wash your hands as well. If you are going to eat them raw then it is even more important to wash them properly.

  1. Can Corona Virus spread through notes and coins?

There is no proper evidence that shows whether Corona Virus can spread via notes or any other form of currency. However, the odds of getting infection from contaminated surfaces cannot be undermined. So, try to go for digital payments as much as possible.

  1. How to do my laundry and bed sheets etc if I have a suspected patient or confirmed case?

You can wash your laundry and bed sheets etc as you do normally. You will be washing them with detergent and water; so they will be cleaned and free of viral contagion. If you have fully-automatic washers, you can also try washing your clothes in Anti-Allergen mode.

  1. Is there any official and reliable source to find all the intensive information on COVID-19?

Yes, you can visit the official websites of the health and welfare government of your country and you can also visit the official website of WHO to find lots of information on COVID-19. All the stats and information mentioned on these websites are factual and reliable.

  1. Can pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers transfer the corona virus to their babies?

Yes, it is highly probable and many such cases have been reported from various parts of the world. So, if you are either pregnant or are nursing your newborn, please consult local authorities for better assistance.

  1. Can I order food online?

Many cases have been reported where a food delivery person was the carrier and transferred the corona virus contagion to the healthy people. So, we recommend eating healthy and home-cooked food.

For more information on Novel Corona Virus, be in regular touch with the local health authorities.