It has been a while since you had a movie night with your family, friends, or yourself, and you want to organize one to catch up with others. The idea of having a movie night is much easier than hosting one. You have to decide on who’s coming (if anyone is coming), what to eat and drink, and most importantly what movie to watch. Deciding who to invite is easy to do, and people are creatures of habit when it comes to snacks and drinks. Picking the right movie is what’s difficult. You might catch yourself scrolling through streaming services or looking up what movie to watch on the internet. The problem is that there is just too much content and the majority of recommendations online are coming from strangers.

Friendspire recognizes that this is a problem and has come up with the best solution for this: get recommendations from friends. When looking for things to eat, watch, or read, we tend to trust recommendations from our friends the most. Friends are not always available to help you out when you’re looking for a movie to watch, and Friendspire has centralized what your friends think on a free social recommendation app.

Now, when you’re looking for best rom-coms for Movie Night you can see that list on Friendspire and most importantly your friends’ ratings on those movies. This has created powerful curated lists since there is now an added value of personal relevance. Now that you can see what your friends like and don’t like, the movie picking process becomes quick and easy. If you are in the mood for a rom-com, see that your best friend gave Photograph a ten out of ten, and liked the trailer, then you already have your movie for movie night.

Even if you like a recommendation but are not feeling it at the moment, you can save items that are easy to access through the app and on the website. The people at Friendspire understand that somethings look good but should be saved for later and want to provide an accommodating service to get trustworthy recommendations. Its additional features include TV show, restaurant, podcast, book, and bar recommendations.

People, snacks, and the movie night environment are also essential parts of a successful movie night. Since we should be following social distancing guidelines, we recommend making sure that you are six feet away from others and limiting the number of people that you have over. Balancing salty and sweet snacks is a must! Popcorn and pizza are classic salty snacks for movie night, but movie theater candy (Boxed Skittles, Twix, etc.) is a great addition to that as well. Soda, red wine, and beer are hard-to-beat drinks to pair with those snacks.

Some blankets and string lights should complete your preparations to create a perfect movie-watching environment. By looking past the content overload created by reviews from strangers, fake reviews, and the infinite amount of movie suggestion articles, you spending more quality time with the people who matter to you.

Aren’t movie nights supposed to be about spending time with others and not time spent scrolling through movies and suggestion articles? Friendspire aims to help others spend less time scrolling time and more time enjoying. Whether you’re looking for a movie, TV show, podcast, restaurant, bar, or book recommendation, get recommendations from friends.