It is very common to see that many young entrepreneurs are trying to manage their own accounts. Why do they do that? The answer is very obvious, to save money. They often forget the fact that it is difficult and time consuming to keep a close eye on every penny of income, expenses, taxes, etc and requires the expertise of a firm that is fully focused on managing the accounts. Mistakes happen if you try to add too many balls at once, needless to say, your business will have to spend a lot of money.

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If you are a small business owner or an entrepreneur, it is very important for your business to avoid making financial mistakes. We’ve listed some common financial mistakes that small business owners make. Use them as a guide to prevent yourself from making such mistakes. Here they are:

The presence of the right organization

Bookkeeping requires professional organizational skills. There is a need to register every transaction, digitize achievements for future reference, calculate and much more. If you allow informal transactions regarding the correct information, it is highly likely that important transactions will be out of your focus or you may lose a receipt during the next tax season. 

Failing to maintain regular schedule

As a small business owner, there are plenty of jobs and responsibilities that you need to get involved in. In the midst of all these responsibilities, it is not surprising to see many entrepreneurs failing to update their books. This is why small business owners are recommended to rent bookkeeping services in Singapore. Let Leftright Corporate focus on other important aspects of your business, payable, receivable, sales tax tracking, and more.

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Accounts are not being checked for accuracy

Small business owners should take this very seriously if they want to be aware of any potential fraudulent transactions. It is important to look at the bank accounts to check if they match the cash flow and other financial data you have entered in the books. Any kind of gap between the two points on a critical issue that needs immediate attention to prevent it from getting worse.

Not using any software

Not making use of any account keeping software like quickbook or the other is a small business mistakes to avoid, If you’re still keeping your business records on paper or an Excel spreadsheet, it’s time to switch to the right accounting software like Quickbooks. Accounting software includes your bank accounts, which saves you the trouble we mentioned above about manually checking your accounts to maintain accuracy. Leftright Corporate offers remote bookkeeping services using corporate quickbook hosting services.