Like exercise is to body meditation is to mind. Meditation trains the mind to cultivate awareness. While meditating we live in a present moment. Meditation also improves concentration. Meditation helps us in seeing thoughts clearly. The popularity of meditation is increasing day by day. Our life is full of stress which leads to anxiety,  meditation helps in calming the mind hence improves focus and reduces anxiety.  Meditation can be practiced by all whether children, adults, and old age people. Practicing meditation regularly lowers depression, stress, anxiety, and improves concentration and awareness.

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Meditation involves sitting comfortably you can opt for a meditation pillow or cushion for a comfortable posture. Then you should close your eyes and breath naturally and put your focus on breathing and how your body is moving with each inhalation and exhalation. Observe each part of your body from head to toe. And keep your focus on your breath without making any deliberate effort to control your breathing. If your mind wanders bring your focus back to your breath. If you are a beginner try to invest 2-3 minutes and with regular practice, you can gradually increase your time. Doing meditation regularly will have a long-lasting effect on your mind as well as body.

Although meditation is a simple process that involves sitting in a calm place with your focus on your breath, it involves no major investment in any kind of stuff but you can surely go for a meditation pillow which is specially designed for a meditation exercise. 

Meditation Pillows act as your companion as you perform meditation on a regular basis. The major function of these meditation pillows is to provide support to the body and maintain the body posture while you meditate. These meditation pillows are soft textured hence provide the required support especially to your back and also helps in relieving pressure ankles and knees. The fashion of this meditation pillow is not new they existed from ancient times and in earlier times people used mats made up of straw as a meditation pillow. But now these pillows are made up of different stuff depending upon the need of people.


Types of Meditation Pillow

Nowadays meditation pillows come in different shapes and sizes and made up of different varieties of materials. Customization of meditation pillows is also available to suit ones need and purpose. Meditation pillows are in different shapes such as rectangle, round, V-shaped, etc. Each shape has a specific role to play. One should choose the pillow depending on the body type.

As meditation pillows come in different shapes and sizes you might get confused about what to choose so it’s better to do a little bit of research before making the purchase. The thickness of the pillow should be kept in mind while buying one, as meditation pillows are available in different thicknesses you must consult with your yoga teacher which pillow will be better for you. People who have suffered from any injury should go for a pillow that gives proper support and provide comfort. 

Comfort level is one of the most important factors while selecting a meditation pillow while meditating you invest most of your time sitting and focusing so the more comfortable your pillow better will be your meditation session. As meditation involves sitting and concentrating for a long time the place and your pillow’s quality might affect your meditation session. For You, it is better to invest some time in research of a good meditation pillow.

Second import thing to consider before choosing a pillow is to know about material used in the making of the pillow, in case you suffer from some back problem it is advisable for you to ask your doctor or instructor for the material that will be best for your back so that you can comfortably spend dedicated time into meditation.

Meditation pillows are also available in attractive colors and designs. You can choose a vibrant color for your meditation pillow and you can even keep it in your living room. Mediation pillow is an important component of your meditation session which can make your session comfortable and relaxing. We hope that know you will be able to select right type of meditation pillow.