Are you experiencing poor network range? Do you want to increase your wireless range? Get the Linksys RE6700 extender device. It comes with a dual-band wireless AC and AC1200 AMPLIFY that will stamp out the dead zones. Apart from delivering a great range, it also offers high-speed and consistent connectivity. Hence, you can play online games or stream media across your house, seamlessly.

Linksys RE6700

Linksys RE6700 is smartphone compatible. It features Spot Finder Technology that provides a visual display of how far the AC1200 AMPLIFY with respect to the router. You can set up Linksys re6700 in no time and it makes sure you receive the optimum Wi-Fi signal inside and around your home. Its integrated power outlet allows you to use it even when the AC1200 AMPLIFY has been plugged in. the device’s pass-through function functions like a usual electrical outlet and isn’t controlled by the range extender. It maximizes Wi-Fi signals and makes it stronger.  

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How To Set Up Linksys RE6700 Extender Device?

If you have to set up Linksys RE6700 Extender Device, you can do it with a few simple steps. It comes with a browser-based setup feature and you don’t even have to look for installation software.

However, prior to starting with the setup process, you need to have the following.  

• An active internet connection

• The (SSID) or Wi-Fi name and the Wi-Fi security key or password.  

Tip: The name and password of the Wi-Fi are from the existing Wi-Fi settings. Also, it is case sensitive.

So, to start with the setup process, you first have to plug the extender to a power outlet. Wait for the light to blink orange. When it does, you have to follow the steps given below.

Step 1

You will have to use a mobile device or a computer to connect the device to the default SSID of the range extender that is Linksys Extender Setup-xxx.

Note: The xxx are the last 3 characters of the MAC address of Linksys RE6700 Extender Device. It is mentioned on the label present at the back of the device.

Step 2

Next, you will have to open the web browser and type ‘’ or ‘’ in the address bar.

Step 3

Now, you will have to click on the button ‘Start Setup’.

Step 4

The A’s the wireless range extender’ option gets chosen by default during the setup. Thereafter, you will have to click on ‘Next’.

Step 5

Choose your Wi-Fi.

Note: In case the Wi-Fi is also using a 5 GHz band, it is necessary to see it with a 2.4 GHz band.

Tip: In case you have a hidden SSID, you have to scroll down to the bottom of the lost and click on ‘Manually Enter Network Name and Password’ or you have to wait till it identifies your Wi-Fi.

Step 6

Following this, you will have to enter the Wi-Fi password in the respective field and click on ‘Next’.

Step 7

You are going to be asked to configure the ‘extended wireless network’ in which the range extender is going to broadcast. You can alter the settings as per your preference or simply leave the defaults. When you are done, click on the option ‘Next’.

Tip: The ‘extended wireless network’ is the Wi-Fi that the range extender is going to broadcast for the clients who are close by for connecting to.

Step 8

The next step is to click on ‘Next’ in case the ‘Spot Finder’ shows that the Linksys RE6700 location is ‘Just right’. The feature is going to determine the strength of the signal between the router and the range extender. In case it is ‘Too Close’ or ‘Too Close’, relocate it and then go back to Step 1.

Step 9

Set the admin password for securing the extender and add a password hint if you want.

Step 10

Now, you have completed setting up your Linksys RE6700.

How To Reset Linksys RE6700?

If you have to reset the Linksys RE6700, you have to Press and Hold the Reset button present on the device for 10 seconds. This will reset it to the factory default setting.

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