Today in Learning Travel we bring another article that we wanted. Today we will talk about what to see in Miami in 2 days, including Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, etc … limousine rentals in colorado

Pablo, half of Traveler Learning and here at the keys, spent 4 years living in the city of infinite beaches and waste. We recently spent 4 days again, and it was the perfect time to create this guide. limousine rentals in colorado

We will bring recommendations of what to see in Miami, where to sleep, tips and tricks to enjoy the city, best time to go and temperatures, discounts for hotels, and tours. In addition, just 4 hours away you have the best amusement parks in the world, Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios, Disney, etc … in Orlando! limousine rentals in colorado

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We recently wrote some one-day guides in each of the parks, in case you want to check them out too. But now, yes, let’s see what to visit in Miami in two or three days.

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Here we start already with the guide. Let’s first look at a map of all the places to visit in Miami, which we highly recommend seeing. Afterward, we will give you a little information about each place and later the discounts for hotels and visits. limousine rentals in colorado

What to see in Miami, Florida

Most of the places to see in Miami are quite well concentrated, so you can visit them in 2 days perfectly. While you are looking for paradisiacal beaches or cultural or party themes, Miami has a whole little bit much.

Miami Beach 1.0 – Lincoln Road, Ocean Drive and art deco

If you think of Miami there is a very high percentage of chances that you are thinking of Miami Beach . Because yes, it is the typical thing that is exported, and it is the main essential of the Miami council: Beaches, good weather throughout the year, muscular people exhibiting great body and latest generation sports cars.

And if you go to Miami Beach you will find that. At all hours. At all times. The truth is that it is a show in itself, but it is not only what you can “enjoy” in Miami Beach.

Stroll along Ocean Drive, the most characteristic artery of what Miami Beach is today but above all of what it was. On this “island” you will find many references to what Miami was in past decades. Art deco still reigns in buildings, you will see.

Walking around Miami Beach, and going out to the beach for a while is something essential to see in Miami, not only in two days but in between. Because it is Miami in its purest form. Miami Vice. The U.S.

Miami Beach 2.0 – More Ocean Drive and South Beach vibe

If you think of Miami and smile thinking of the beaches, then come to South Beach. It is within the category of Miami Beach, it is the entire southern part of the island, but we wanted to make it a different section because it deserves it.

Although Ocean Drive divides Miami Beach vertically (the streets to the left and the beaches to the right) we have decided to separate it because it is worth walking. The best thing to do is go up Ocean Drive and down Lincoln Road (or vice versa).

Gate of the mansion where Versace was murdered

There you will find all kinds of bars and atmospheres for all tastes and pockets. Oh, and don’t miss the house where Versace was killed in 1992. You’ll find her at 1116 Ocean Drive.

Bayside Marketplace and American Airlines Arena

The Bayside Marketplace is a mini-mall (yes, well, altogether) that overlooks the bay. It is a place with cafes, restaurants, and many stores (from roll guiri to normal).

It is not a mall, we have to clarify it. You will not find huge stores or top franchises, but you will find a lot of small stores with their products.

It is worth walking and also, if you feel like it, go to the port from where the boat tours leave to see the houses of the famous.

Yes, that exists. And it is one of the most outstanding plans to see in Miami. It is not our style, but people love it.

You can see, from a guided boat tour, the houses of singers and actors, stars of the screen and speakers. They come from the Bayside Marketplace and it’s still curious.

Also, if you like sports or music, take a look at the American Airlines Arena, the stadium where the NBA Miami Heat plays and the place where great music stars come to play. When we went nothing was Elton John !!

The waste of the Villa Vizcaya mansion

If you are more culture and that roasting under the sun does not suit you so much, then we recommend that you go to see Villa Vizcaya, a mansion located in Biscayne Bay that belonged to James Deering (hyper-billionaire magnate). Once it died, it was transferred to the Miami district that manages it until today, turned into a museum.

Open from 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. every day except Tuesday. It costs around $ 15 and has large free parking (important to keep in mind, remember that we are in Miami).

In just over an hour and a half, you can see it whole. It is a Renaissance-style mansion from the 16th century, very rare in American architecture. It was ruined in 1914 and has a lot of artwork inside.

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Key Biscayne, its lighthouse, and the Miami Seaquarium

Probably my favorite Miami place since I lived here for 4 years and have come back countless times.

I have seen Key Biscayne grow and I am proud.

Key Biscayne is an island located about 20 minutes from the peninsula (crossing Virginia Key). Although it is a very residential area, it has some other places that are worth visiting.

Without a doubt, what I liked most about the city, and something undoubtedly important to see in Miami.

I’m talking about the Key Biscayne lighthouse, a heavenly place in the south of the island, crossing a natural park.

The place is known as the Cape Florida Lighthouse at the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. If you go on a Sunday you will meet a lot of families who are walking there. It is a perfect place, but watch out for the sunny hours !! Bring water and sun protection. Really.

The Miami Seaquarium is also famous, the aquarium where the Flipper dolphin was almost all its life. Today the star is the Lolita killer whale. We do not like these aquariums and zoos too much, but the truth is that it is amazing. It is recognized throughout the United States.

Coral Gables, the Biltmore Hotel and the Venetian Pool

One of the most exclusive areas that Miami has is Coral Gables. Here you will find many MANY mansions, impressive gardens, and two tourist attractions to visit in Miami: The Biltmore Hotel and the Venetian Pool. We will start with the latter.

Whenever someone comes to this city and does not know what to see in Miami, I recommend Coral Gables, the Venetian Pool, and the Biltmore Hotel. This «pack» is essential during your visit to the city of the sun. The Venetian Pool is a beautiful pool created in 1923 in an old coral rock quarry.

Probably one of the most beautiful pools in the world. It is Venetian style, its water is crystal clear, and it has caves, waterfalls, palm trees, etc … Perfect for a quick dip in the intense heat of Miami, where temperatures are always through the roof.

The Biltmore Hotel is quite close, also in Coral Gables. It is an incredibly beautiful and prohibitively expensive hotel that was built in 1926. It has all kinds of luxuries, and one of the most famous swimming pools of the time.

What to see in Miami in two days

All the stars of the moment went to the Biltmore Hotel, and it has its part in gangster history since there they killed Thomas “Fatty” Walsh. But if anyone stood out from the mob era and American dry law, it was Al Capone, who made the Biltmore his center of operations.

It has a suite, above all, that you can imagine what it was like… saying luxurious is an understatement! Something very important to see in Miami in two days, so do not miss it.

Miami Attractions

With this, we have left you tons of information and tourist places to visit in Miami. You can take a look at each of these places and make the most of your holidays.

In addition, we have recommended what to do in Miami, in the surroundings, and for all kinds of people. It is true that this Florida city is not the same for everyone, and depending on what you are looking for it will offer you one thing or another. Although something similar occurs throughout the United States.

He also wanted to point out that they call it the “marble” city. Because if something stands out it is its “sea” and its “malls” (shopping centers). You can go shopping at millions of sites here.

The Aventura Mall, Sawgrass Mills, Lincoln Road, Dolphin Mall, or The Falls. A lot of places that deserve an article of their own, exclusively dedicated to lovers of shops and shopping.

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