This week, LEGO surprised the world with its in-house LEGO Night Mode illumination sets. The reaction to this was incredibly optimistic because now we will probably see first-parties lighting kits in the LEGO User Center.

lego night mode

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Lego Picks Up The Concept

However, ultimately smaller businesses producing third-party sets are still considering what their future could be as LEGO picks up the concept. One is the Brickstuff brand, which has lots of goods on the market, thus copying other firms’ innovations and having copycat items like them. 

According to brickstuff

A subcontractor took a picture from Denmark, which revealed that LEGO used the night mode package, which was renamed Light My Bricks. According to Brickstuff, Brickstuff ‘s concept was pretty much pirated and was marketed on its website. In the medium note, LEGO asked Brickstuff to help them in constructing the Night Mode packaging, maybe.

LMB copies brickstuff ‘s style

I’m not sure whether LEGO understands whether or not LMB copies Brickstuff ‘s style, but before moving any further, they can look at it. I have no cause to question Brickstuff because they had a history with the LEGO Night Mode, but there was also uproar on the same day when it was revealed over something that might be a fantastic idea.

LEGO recently published a declaration on the LAN about this issue in the last hour, which you can read below.

How customers perceive lights as part of the lego experience

These products are a concept test and are not something that will be on the market in this situation to explain and hopefully reassure everyone. We decided to check how it is attractive to ordinary people to use it as a dialogue starting point and see whether and. We spoke about efficiency, size, construction experience, etc. There’s already a fair way of putting a real product on the market, and that doesn’t mean that a drug will be launched tomorrow. Compliance with product protection ought to be performed in advance.

Lego partnered with other leading lights consumers

We have partnered with other leading lights consumers to identify prospective pilot applicants, and we had several dialogs with them. We are currently determining whether a future pilot would better be engaged. I would like to remind you that we have the right ideas while working in the Lead User Center. We will seek to keep a near dialog and overcome any possible misunderstandings with Rob (Brickstuff).

Lego test with lego world light

Additionally, we are starting to test the LEGO World Light Toy Design Testing to consider whether, in tandem with a lead consumer, a LEGO concept could be placed on the market. It is more about the Lead User Center, discovering to attempting to expand concepts outside of itself.

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We’ll continue to have a close-talk with Rob.

We have also been in touch with several leading consumers who do lighting and have had several discussions with prospective pilot applicants. We continue to assess how a possible pilot can best be engaged. I want to tell both of us that we have the highest intentions to cooperate in Lead Consumer Lab. To resolve possible misinterpretations, in the meantime, we must also examine the LEGO World Light Market Research to consider whether, in partnership with a leading customer, a light Kit model may be sold, as Lead User Lab’s goal is to discover to scale innovations beyond the industry.”