protecting your carpet from pet stain

The presence of pets in the house cheers up the members of the home and brings joy to everyone. But as we know everything good thing has a downside to it. The same way the pets might make you happy but their presence can make your carpets dirty and full of spots and stains. Many people think that only dogs as a pet are responsible for making carpets dirty but cats also make the carpets dirty as they shed their hair and dander all over the place.

So as a remedial step you have to vacuum your carpets at least twice a day to remove dry dirt from the carpets. Most of the people don’t bother cleaning their carpets very often and while having pets at their home, the carpets keep on getting dirtier over time. When people start to notice that the carpet has become dirty, it’s already too late as the pet’s urine; sweat, hair, dander, saliva, etc. have already been settled deep inside the fibers of the carpet. So you must try to follow some easy steps to keep your carpets clean but in case you think you aren’t able to handle the situation any longer, and then you can call Major Carpet Cleaners Sydney to get carpet cleaning services.

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As it is well known that “prevention is better than cure” so Major Carpet Cleaners Sydney is suggesting some of the tips that will help you in keeping your carpets stain free. Below are mentioned some of these tips on how clean carpet stain:

  1. Train your pets: most of the time the pets which are not well trained are the most mischievous ones and don’t obey the owners very well. If the pets are well trained then they don’t create much of a mess and don’t litter the carpets.
  2. Using carpet powders: there are many carpet powders available in the market that can be used to your carpets resistant to dirt and stains. You have to apply the powder on your carpets and the power builds a protective layer over the carpet which prevents it to get dirty easily.
  3. Clean your pets more often: pets cause stains on the carpets when they are dirty. Most of the time dogs spend their time in the parks and open fields and end up getting dirty. Afterward, they come inside your home and make your carpets dirty. If you keep your pets clean then it will prevent your carpets from getting dirty.
  4. Use foot mats: foot mats should be placed at all the places from where the pets enter your home. These foot mats clean the paws of your pets and prevent them from making your carpet dirty.
  5. Vacuum hair of pets from carpet: pets shed their hair all the time which makes your carpet look dirty. These hairs not just make your carpet look dirty but it also causes many allergies for kids. So vacuuming the carpets can remove all the hair from carpets.
  6. Stain-proof carpets: the best way to keep your carpets dustproof is by getting stain-proof carpets. These carpets comprise of a special material which prevents it from getting dirty.
  7. Urine removal from carpets: most of the time pets urinate on the carpets and it leaves behind stains that look very bad. These stains have to be cleaned as soon as possible because of not cleaned at an early stage then it can be very difficult to remove it without damaging the fabric.
  8. Use of cleaning powders: to clean the carpets, special sort of cleaners are available as per the type of stain that has to be removed. You should choose the best one that suits the fabric of your carpet and clean the carpets at least once a month.
  9. Steam clean your carpets: the most effective way to keep your carpets stain free is steam cleaning of carpets. A steam cleaner can be used by you to clean the dirty carpets and it not just remove the dirt and stains but also remove the foul smell from the carpet also. 

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All the above-mentioned tips can be useful for you to keep your carpets clean in the presence of pets. But if you want the problem of stain removal to be handled professionally, then without wasting time contact Major Carpet Cleaners Sydney. Our trained professionals are experienced in making your carpets clean and stain free. To get the best carpet cleaning services in Sydney, you must get in touch with our team of professionals, at any time. Our main aim is to give our customers satisfaction and make their homes and carpets look better and cleaner. First, you can try your best to take care of the underlying situation but at any point, you feel like you want some help you know that Major Carpet Cleaners Sydney is the name you can rely on.