Getting a job is becoming tougher everyday and after the COVID-19 outbreak it will be more difficult to get a job. However, we can save ourselves from this crisis if we follow some standards. One of them is writing a cover letter properly.

How to write a cover letter for job are undoubtedly one of the most important documents that you should attach with your job application, And the art of on how to write a cover letter for job should not be underestimated. They might be underrated by some industries but sometimes it becomes the most important document as the recruiting manager checks it first. Even if it is not explicitly mentioned, including a cover letter could be the best way to promote your skills in a subjective way.

writing a cover letter

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So, what exactly is a cover letter?

Cover letter or covering letter is a document that introduces a potential candidate to the recruiter. Job seekers often use a cover letter with their resume to introduce themselves subjectively to the employer.

A thoughtfully written cover letter could help a job seeker to qualify the initial screening process. Where not all the jobseekers include a cover letter with their application, it could play a decisive role for getting an interview call.

Now the question is if a resume describes all the skills of a candidate, what is the meaning of including another document with the same information? The catch is a cover letter and a resume is not the same.

Features Of a Well Written Cover Letter

  • A cover letter is a single-page document that highlights your key qualities in a subjective manner. The main purpose of such a letter is introducing yourself to the hiring manager.
  • It bridges the gap between the job seekers and the employer and creates a good impression about the candidate.
  • It answers the important question- about what makes you a good fit for the position.

How Should You Write It?

You can subdivide your cover letter into three main sections.

  • First is the greeting.
  • Address your cover letter to someone specific. Do some research and make your cover letter more personalized.
  • Second section highlights your key skills. Give it a good punch. This section should be as appealing as possible. You have only 20 seconds to make your first impression. Don’t waste it. Check this article to get an idea about how you should start your cover letter.
  • The subsequent paragraphs should elaborate your key skills. This is called the body of a cover letter.
  • Mention one or two key points only in the body section. You have your resume to detail all the skills set. Why do you repeat the same here?

I know this is tricky but that is what makes a good cover letter different from an ordinary one. Brainstorm your key points. Figure out how you can relate your key skills to the requirement of your employer.

The third section is called the closing section. It is always advisable to end your cover letter with a call to action statement. This kind of open ending encourages the recruiter to take some action, preferably asking for an interview.

A good cover letter describes a candidate’s key skills which is otherwise not possible with a resume. It is not a summary of your resume. So use it to explain your importance.

Do not beg for a job, rather make them realize how important you could be for the company.

I wish you a successful career.