A clean and hygienic area is loved by everyone. Not only it keeps the diseases away but also makes the mind feel better. A dirty place destroys the charm and beauty of that place. Cleanliness is practiced everywhere whether it be a railway station, hospital, homes, school, institution, offices, temples etc. Cleaned area is good for maintaining a healthy mind and body.

In earlier days, where brooms and water were used for larger surface area cleaning is losing its trend. Now, smart works are being adopted everywhere and so here market brings out the best in cleaning accessories too. Mops are used by cleaners for ease in cleaning and covering a larger area quickly.

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how to use spin mops

What we need to know more is about the spin mops, which this article will describe its usage. The article will help you correctly assemble the spin mop parts and use it efficiently.

  1. Spin mops are made of micro-fiber in a water wave shape which usually soaks the dirty water from the floor and wipes out the floor thereby cleaning it. The handle of the spin mops needs to be assembled first in order to keep connection with the holdings. Screw the handle well to fully tighten the handle with holdings.
  2. The mops which has been provided needs to be attached at the tip of handle and get ready for mopping the floor.
  3. Fill the bucket given with spin mop with half of water. Don’t fill the whole bucket completely to avoid the spill or overflow of water while wringing the spin mop.
  4. Dip the spin mop in to water and after few seconds of soaking Water, place it vertically into the wringer. Now, wring out the mop in the spinner while holding the grip. This will let all the thick water droplets leave the mop while you spin it with a pedal.
  5. Spinning the pedal with foot will let you control how much wet mop you need. If you need more dry mop then spin it more, let the mop dry more.
  6. This way you can make your spin mop for different works like dusting or soaking.

Spin mop only look complex but it is the way easy to use. The mop head is machine washable and can be replaced also. For replacing the mop, simply place your both feet over the thread of mop and spin the mop handle. Through this you will be able to push the handle back away from mop thereby separating the mop from the disc. Users mostly love to use spin mop with bucket to clean the floor.

Apart from this you can even adjust and incline the handle of mop. Press the handle into the mop and rinse in fresh water to wash it right away.

Spin mop gives you smart cleaning experience unlike traditional mopping method which requires lots of effort and that too with lots of water sprinkling on the floor. Spin mops also looks attractive and suits well for enhancing your living standard in the home. So finally smart cleaning with spin mops is something important to the people at the cleaning place.