With New York City being one of the most chaotic cities to handle, it’s no surprise that many elderly individuals in the city are receiving private pay home care services to get by their day.

Pay for Private Pay

Thousands of seniors are using private pay home care as a service that allows them to be comfortable and get around through the day. However, many questions arise as to what it is, how it can be paid for and the benefits of having Private Pay Home Care in NYC.

Let’s dive into it all:

Though most home care costs are paid with government assistance such as medicare and medicaid, there are times when individuals do not have such advantages. Thus, there are additional services which are paid by other programs including insurances, Veterans Administration, the Department of Aging, or even by a patient or family member themselves.
Some agencies match the services with the payors, others provide cheaper hours as more are accumulated. It depends on the programs or agencies one chooses and the needs of the client and their family members.


Private Pay: Paying from your own pocket allows you to note the type and quantity of the services you request. This is often the case when insurance does not cover a specific service that interests you, or if they cease reimbursing the service sooner than expected. In this case, private pay allows you to be flexible as there are no restrictions with services which are custom to one’s and scheduling.

Insurance with Private Pay: Some home care agencies provide government insurance programs like medicaid or medicare to those that qualify. However, if one does not qualify for such services, they have the option of including private pay or receiving these services through a long-term care plan.

Commercial Health Insurance: With this plan, commercial insurances will pay a percentage of what is paid by a licensed home care agency. Depending on your chosen agency, they can determine how much coverage will be given.

Home care allows individuals to live more comfortably and is less expensive than nursing homes. Additionally, the methods of payments come with additional immeasurable advantages. By having Private Pay Home Care in New York City, your loved one will feel more safe, secure and most importantly, like their strong-self again.

All Heart Homecare is an agency that allows for such services and more, to make loved ones and family members feel assured that the medical and personal necessities are met by experienced professionals. All Heart Homecare is a BBB Accredited Business, with awards such as Crain’s Best Places to Work and Dime’s Best of Brooklyn!