Fire retardant fabric is highly popular in hospitality, healthcare, and other industries, which have to ensure that everything around them is able to reduce the risk of fire and provide safety to their staff, guests and residents similarly. Some people might consider fire retardant fabric a miraculous substance, something extraordinary and it won’t burn no matter what. While some like to rely on facts and that’s where the question arises, how much a Fire Retardant Fabric Saves from the heat? The fact is the fabric will burn, but they have the ability to resist fire to a certain extent. To know how much it is effective actually we need to determine what it is made up of and how it works.

Fire Retardant Fabric
Fire Retardant Fabric

What is fire retardant fabric?

It is a specific fabric that is highly durable against fire. Textile is a highly flammable material, so what makes this specific one fire resistant? There are two factors contributing to it, firstly they are made up of naturally fire retardant materials, and then they are treated chemicals to enhance its non-combustibility. We have discussed more details about fire retardant fabric here.

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How does it work?

As mentioned earlier, it is made by natural fibers, like cotton, which is later topically treated with chemicals, which gives it the fire-resistant properties to such extent that it becomes nearly non-combustible. When something burns, it is a result of some certain elements like heat caused by a chemical reaction, flammable material (fuel), and oxygen. These fabrics are designed to reduce or remove one or more of these elements to reduce the combustion process. During the fire spread a chain reaction takes place and the heat makes all elements part of it. The fire retardant fabric breaks down the chain, and when it is exposed to fire, the fabric naturally generates tars and gases which react with the chemical and convert into carbon char, which also works as block heat. This reaction uses oxygen in the air and slows down the burning process. This whole process slows the rate of burning, and it is unable to catch fire for a long time. Clearly, everything burns at some point, but these fabrics are designed to resist fire for a long time. It doesn’t mean that it is a failure, but it will not become the part to spread fire and keep the fire at bay.

How effective Fire retardant fabric is?

Fire retardant fabric is highly effective in reducing the possibility of spreading emerging free. It becomes a thermal barrier and plays a vital role in stopping the spread. It slows down the burning process and spears some time to allow people escape from a burning place. It can protect the user from catching fire for a certain time. They can help in extinguishing the flame by creating free radical oxygen scavengers in the gas layer near the fabric and suffocating the fire. It prevents the fire from spreading and burning everything that comes in contact; as stated above, they form a carbon char which works as a thermal wall and doesn’t let the flames enter. The latest and innovative Fire retardant fabric acts as a barrier to stop the spread and play a vital role in extinguishing the fire.

Can fire retardant fabric save from free?

Everything burns at some point, and Fire retardant fabric will catch fire too, but after a long time. They are created not to catch fire right away and prevent burning. Chemically treating naturally fire-resistant fabric will convert it into Heat resistant fabric . If it is thrown in free, it will slow down the burning process and even prevent it from spreading further for long enough, but eventually, it will burn. The chemical coating and the fibers will get hot enough to catch fire. But this will only happen if they are left at a burning place for a really long time. It doesn’t mean that the fabric is a failure; it is effective enough to remain non-combustible for a long time, which is sufficient for anyone to escape the fireplace.

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It is designed to keep the fires away and provide some time to the survivors to escape. For a reason, they are highly popular in cars, tents, hospitals and many other organizations. The fabric can remain non-combustible for a year only because the chemical treat expired after that. Some other factors also play an important role in keeping it effective like dry- cleaning and environmental conditions.