Dubai is one of the wealthiest cities in Western Asia and is also called the land of gold for its constant development of progressive businesses all around the globe. Being entitled as the capital of Emirates, it provides lucrative trade options worldwide with its Gulf port. Since a decade has passed, Dubai’s economy has boomed with a dramatic expansion in trade, tourism, aviation, real estate, and financial services. After the exploration of oil in Dubai, a million money-spinning construction projects were initiated by the government. It attracted many investors worldwide and now everyone wants to invest in this US$ 89.18 billion market. Although primarily it was oil, now 95% of Dubai GDP is generated from non-oil departments. So to devote to the right trade, it is essential to go for the research before making any final decision. For reducing the hassle of making the right plan now many organizations go to business consultancy in UAE as well. These corporations provide better access to explored choices for an accurate return on investments.

The strict rules and regulations allow both local and foreign investors to function securely for conducting their businesses in Dubai. Furthermore, the Dubai stock exchange market is owned by the government and it continuously encourages international technology for the transmission of creative products in Dubai. It has proved to be a trusted source by preserving the rights of both giant corporate and small-medium enterprises in the market. Although the government body has made it secure, the decision to gain high profit with substantial market share is highly critical. Market research should be conducted in a way that would create a positive long-run effect on the industry also. By availing the business consultancy services in Dubai, the companies can have professional feedback about the specific product and its consumer preferences. The consultant goes for the key objectives and comes up with a strategic solution for all matters including management, marketing, finance, and legal formalities.

These firms also train the employees to make them understand the establishment of business and proper implementation of their preparation plans. These corporate consultancy services further direct the companies to focus on their operation efficiently and also assist them in setting up the foundation.

Where to invest in Dubai in 2020?

It does not matter if the investment is less or more in order to make the right decision. If you are following all the guidelines properly then nothing can stop you from achieving victory. Apart from oil, construction, trade, and tourism, if you are an investor and are looking for a sector to invest in, then the following are the sections you can have a look for.

Sponsoring in Real Estate

The property business has always been a profitable option to choose for the venture. A corporate sponsor can find a reputable real estate company for making a safe decision in Dubai. A company with a good background and strong revenue at a prime location is considered the best selection for the investment.

Investing in Gold

As the city has been exempted from all major taxes for the business, therefore, setting up a Gold selling venture will be considered to be a beneficial option to look also. Not only are the prices charged cheaper, but the quality is pure, and consumers are paying more for the brand image: ultimately, more profit can be yielded in this regard. In case if you want to finance in this sector, then contact good dealers or investment houses for a good return. Even though the presentation of the Value Added Tax (VAT) duties a 5% charge on any bought items but purchasing gold is still significantly less expensive in Dubai contrasted with different nations on the earth.

Investment in Dubai Sports

Launched in 2003, it has become the major ground for most international tournaments like golf, cricket, hockey, football, swimming, and rugby, etc. It is also located near the Expo pavilion and millions of viewers who come here are attracted to Dubai Sports city also. In 2020, the global sports market is valued at approximately 471 billion U.S. dollars, where Dubai Sports city has emerged out as a major point of hosting tournaments. Therefore, in the end, we can say investing in sports will also let you earn a high gain from the sponsorship.