In recent times, marketing experts have devised effective marketing funnel methods to promote products and services, compared to the traditional methods used to attract customers. One of the most prominent of these is Marketing Funnel. But what is marketing repression, what is its importance, and how can it be used to serve companies and brands? So, Mississauga SEO experts will guide you on this in-depth. 

the marketing funnel

What is marketing repression?

Marketing oppression is a novel way to bring in potential clients, and subject them to filtering through a virtual funnel through which they go through different stages, to sort out the real customers who are ready for the purchase process who are not. Marketing suppression takes place through five descending phases in which customers graduate to test the ability to buy, namely: brand awareness, consideration, then the transfer and loyalty phases, and finally the defense phase.

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Brand awareness stage

At this stage, the marketer uses all the means to bring customers to his brand, starting with paid and unpaid advertising campaigns such as: different social media ads, Google ads, and email marketing campaigns. Even other marketing techniques and channels that contribute to introducing customers to your company and the products or services offered.

Stage of consideration or interest

This stage is called the stage of consideration. After all, it gives to your clients who are interested in your services in principle with a special kind of consideration, unlike the first segment related to polarization and awareness-raising, because the difference between them is attention. Consideration in marketing repression is achieved by strengthening your brand’s relationship with customers, by sending deeper introductory content to their email addresses, or by offering some offers and discounts.

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At this stage, your customer service personnel should be ready to communicate directly with clients. They may contact you for further inquiries about the quality and nature of products, available prices, and discounts. One of the practical ways to serve this stage is to offer positive customer reviews, as it strengthens confidence in your product and company, and encourages new customers to purchase.

Remittance stage: The milestone in the marketing funnel

At this stage of marketing repression, the number of people interested in your products or services will decrease compared to the previous two phases. By conversions, we mean that the visitor has just switched from being interested or discovering what you offer to a person of personal conviction. Because he saw in your services and products to fill his need in a field, and here the sensitivity of this layer increases. You must deal with customers more accurately than before, such as providing them with special offers such as discount coupons, or free products for those who bought a certain amount, to make them feel more care and attention, because they have become the main capital of your project.

Loyalty stage

Reaching this stage of marketing repression means that you have accomplished the mission, as potential customers who have tested your products and are convinced of them move to loyal customers of your company or brand. What they will invite him to do business with you again, and perhaps invite his acquaintances to acquire your services because you have become a reliable source for him.

He talks about you with conviction and knowledge, and here it is your turn to ask about him, check his conditions, and know his impressions about your products. Maintaining the loyalty of your customers comes by contacting them and getting their opinions on the products, and their comments about ways to develop it and raise its quality.

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Defense phase: the last stage of marketing repression

The defense phase, which is the last stage of marketing repression, remains an achievement and a challenge for many entrepreneurs, and it does not come from a vacuum, but rather is the product of effort and hard work, whether at the level of quality provided or the level of good communication and management of customers. Where loyal customers of your brand become fierce advocates of your products and services that they promote whenever the opportunity arises.

In conclusion on the marketing funnel:

The idea of ​​marketing repression is to transform the target customer segment into real customers who acquire your products and services, and this only happens through understanding their different mindsets and knowing their needs and tastes and then providing them with high-quality products or services that meet their needs. But the most important advice is the necessity to give each of the previous stages its time of study and analysis and not to rush.