Proofreading tools and grammar checking is extremely crucial, if you are aiming to garner exemplary grades in your academic papers. University students must have a grammar checking software at their disposal. It will help them to easily rectify their essays, case studies, reports, dissertations, etc. so that they can submit flawless assignments.

Title: 9 Best Proofreading Tools that the Students Can Use

Now, the question arises, which grammar checker should you opt for? The choice depends upon your budget, requirements, performance and online reviews. To save you the trouble of going through hundreds of reviews, several proofreading software and grammar checkers have been listed out. It will help you decide which software or tool is the best for your buck. 



Ginger has both free and premium versions. You can get instant access to it if you install Chrome plugin. With this software, you can edit professional emails, assignments, research papers and get rid of the grammatical, punctuation, spelling mistakes. You can even maintain a personal dictionary to keep track of your vocabulary. 

It is congruent with different types of Operating Systems (OS) like iOS, Windows, Mac, Android etc. If you use the premium version of the software, you will get more writing insights. For instance, the software will display more grammatical errors, and it also checks for grammar rules like subject-verb agreement.

PRICE: The annual subscription cost of Ginger Premium is $12.48 per month. 




It is one of the most widely used proofreading and grammar checking software. The premium version of Grammarly offers a plethora of options which is not available in the free version. For instance, you will receive more suggestions on diction. And, it also shows you more grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors, along with word count, reading speed etc.

Moreover, you can also conduct plagiarism checking to see whether your write-up consists of any plagiarized content. The online spelling, punctuation and grammar checker tool works via a Chrome plugin. And the software is compatible with Windows, Mac and various mobile apps. It is handy for students who are new to the English language.

PRICE: The annual subscription cost of Grammarly Premium is $139.95



If you are on a budget, then you should consider WhiteSmoke. A highly efficient grammar checker and proofreader, it is suitable for all browsers like Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. Whitesmoke Essential (the online grammar corrector software) is compatible with the only web browser you are using. 

On the other hand, Whitesmoke Premium offers additional support for various OS. Another version, Whitesmoke Business, is used by the professionals. It is suitable for businesses, provides accurate results and is worth every penny. Unlike Grammarly or Ginger, it is a bit slow, but that shouldn’t be a concern for the students if they are looking for affordable solutions. 

PRICE: The annual cost of Whitesmoke Business is $137.95, and Whitesmoke Premium is $79.95. 



After the Deadline software is built into Jetpack, which is a set of recommended plugins for WordPress. It is suitable for editing blog posts, articles and academic papers. Moreover, it spots more errors than Word and that too free of cost. And, it also helps the writers to replace clichéd and redundant words with ‘fresh’ words. Thus, it helps the writers to improve their vocabulary.

After the Deadline software uses artificial technology for checking the write-ups. It even highlights the wrong usage of words (in red), grammar mistakes (in green) and style suggestions (in blue). The results are displayed within in an instant, and hence you can edit your content swiftly. 

PRICE: It can be used free of charge 




If you wish to use ProWriting Aid, you should download a desktop app for Mac and Windows. Along with several regular Plugins, this spelling and grammar checker offers Word and Goggle Docs plugins. What’s more? You can take advantage of Scrivener Integration. It helps you organize your thoughts and turns those thoughts to words. Thus, the software is good at mind-mapping. 

The software also features a web editor, which allows you to copy-paste texts and check for spelling and grammatical mistakes. Furthermore, you can even upload the document containing your writing. Most fiction writers have stated that the self-editing feature is extremely useful. A feature known as Echoes identifies the words used frequently in the text. 

PRICE: The software is relatively cheap, and it costs $50 yearly. 



If you are just starting out with the English language, then SpellCheck Plus is a great option. It is comparable to Ginger, as it allows you to enrich your knowledge in English. You also get to know about the various nuances of English assignment help writing. The online proofreader and grammar checker allows you to paste the content of 2,000 characters at a time.

In addition to the spelling and grammar check, it also looks for complicated language, redundant words etc. After the checking is over, it provides you with a summary report. Thus, if you want to find and fix errors on the go, it is extremely beneficial. That too, free of cost. 

PRICE: Free (up to 2000 characters), and it charges an additional $14.99 if you want to check more.

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This proofreading tool helps you improve your English writing quality as it focuses more on sentence construction. In fact, most writers use Grammarly, Ginger and Hemingway Editor to submit flawless content. Moreover, it is fast and offers quick results, which is why it is ideal for self-editing.

The tool highlights the intricate sentences in red, adverbs in blue, and sentences written in the passive voice in green. You can either choose to accept the suggestions or reject it. There are two versions of the tool- a web app and a desktop version.

PRICE: The web app is available free of charge and the desktop app for Windows, Mac is available at $19.99.



This proofreading tool stands out from the rest of the software and tools as it can rectify grammatical mistakes in various languages. And, if you want to avail all the features of the software, it is ideal if you download the software. But, if you are using the tool for the first time, you can use the trial version. 

As per the users, the software is capable of providing detailed writing insights that no other software on this list can provide. Although, you don’t get a myriad of options, the options that are available work flawlessly. 

PRICE: Language Tool is available to everyone absolutely free of charge. 





GradeProof is one of the most advanced grammar checking tools in the market. This is because it is powered by Artificial Intelligence. That means, the more you write, the smarter it gets. And, it will provide you with advanced solutions, suggestions so that you can enhance your writing.  

Apart from rectifying grammatical, punctuation, spelling errors, it provides suggestions for rephrasing your sentences. Moreover, you get an opportunity to conduct plagiarism checking to make sure that your content is 100% unique. You can even customize the options as per your needs and gain insight into word count, grade level and readability.  

PRICE: Both the free version and the premium version is available. The subscription cost of the Premium version is $9.99 per month. 

Hopefully, you will be able to choose the best proofreading tool or software from the list mentioned above. Irrespective of your choice, you are going to get accurate solutions. Most importantly, your grades will skyrocket in no time.