Do you feel like you’re constantly fighting for your man’s time and attention do you wish he would put more effort into the relationship communicate and make more plans with you. if so then stay right here because in this article I’m going to tell you why you should never fight for a man’s attention and I’ll tell you exactly what to do to regain his focus and keep him thinking about you always. then chances are you’re in a relationship with a man who isn’t prioritizing you or the relationship maybe you feel like you are always competing for his attention or that he’s just not as thoughtful. 

get his attention

He’s not texting or calling as much or even worse he’s not making plans to spend time with you when these things are happening. it’s a scary position to be in you feel disappointed and hurt or angry about how he has changed and worried that he might be slipping away so you talked to him you have a conversation about it and perhaps things get better for a bit. but then he’s right back to where he was before and of course it’s natural to want to work on improving your relationship you want to give it your all but things. 

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Do wish him a good morning wishes daily like good morning Friday wishes or Whatsapp status so he remembers you every morning. 

Just aren’t changing and it’s all a one-sided effort and if you’re like most women this morphs into a huge issue that you frequently argue and fight about but despite all that you’ve tried nothing changes that’s because you should never fight or bed for a man’s time and attention instead try these powerful tips. you will see incredible changes in his behavior oh and one caveat before you try the following steps I’m assuming that you have already had a conversation with him and explained how you’re feeling in other words. 

You have already talked about this problem but he still hasn’t made any lasting changes so without further ado let’s just jump right into them number one give him a time frame if this is a relatively new problem perhaps he just needs a little time to adjust and make the changes that you’re asking for now of course. you’re not going to say to him hey Mike or whatever his name is you’re not gonna say Mike I’m giving you two weeks and if you don’t make these changes in the next two weeks. 

I’m out no I don’t want you to tell him that you’re giving him a time frame at all just keep that time frame to yourself in most cases I think a good time frame is somewhere in the range of two to four weeks now waiting and giving him that time has some very important benefits.

First it gives you the Opera to implement all of these steps in other words you’re giving this process a chance to work and it shows him that he’s worth the weight and it allows him to develop a deeper connection with you and during this timeframe. you’re also going to be doing number two number two forget about what you feel and remember what you deserve when you’re in love with a man who isn’t making time for you it’s a very scary position to be in you’re fearing that he’s slipping away and may not love you like he once did and this fear is your worst enemy why? well it makes you feel insecure it can cause you to engage in behaviors that are less than self-serving and when you are fearful that you are losing him you grasp onto him more strongly and often end up begging for his attention and grasping on to the scraps and the bread crumbs that he throws your way meanwhile. 

He’s living his life he’s doing his thing and he’s not concerned about you he’s not worried about what you’re doing because every time he communicates with you you are complaining of not getting enough of his time or attention so he feels secure and because of your insecure feeling your value in his eyes goes down and you’re becoming an afterthought so I want you to recognize the fear and disappointment and use it to motivate you to change.

your behaviors and really implement these steps perfectly so think about what things used to be like and then make yourself a promise that you will accept no less than what you deserve by adopting these changes into your life and these tips are rooted to being the best version of yourself and loving yourself they’re all about respecting yourself and your life and they’re designed to help him recognize your value and to remember the person he found in love with and yes they do work now after you have made that conscious. 

Shift in your thinking go on to the third step number three stop seeking reassurance it’s normal to want to knowhow your significant other feels about you however constantly asking him is not the way to go about it saying things like do you love me how much do you love me are you sure you can’t look for his words to reassure you of your value. when you do it becomes overbearing for him and it will likely lead to the demise of your relationship but most of all it shows him that you are insecure and that lower your value in his eyes and becomes a huge disadvantage it shows him that you are afraid of losing him and then you are no longer the prize you are no longer the challenge again you just lowered your value remember looking to your partner to reassure you when you feel insecure only leads to more insecurities. 

These beliefs and attitudes need to come from inside and unless you can overcome them within yourself it won’t matter how smart or sexy or worthy or attractive. he says you are no matter what you must strive to feel okay within yourself and that takes us back to the importance of soft love and being a high-value woman number four allow him to pursue you that means that you have to stop pursuing him that means that you have to stop texting him between dates that means that you cannot be initiating communications with him instead you must let him do it look. 

I know that this is difficult to do because you like him you miss him and you want to talk to him it’s hard not to reach out because you want to be connected and communicating. but if you want a man to really give you the time and attention you deserve you must pull away and allow him to miss you allow him to pursue you to chase you he’s a man and he needs to do that so do not initiate cause or text to him notice I didn’t say ignore him or stop communicating. get his attention

I’m saying stop being the one that is always looking for him and starting communication or at the very least used the 80/20 rule that means that he is going to be initiating communication and that’s texts and phone calls and inviting you to spend time together 80% of the time and you are allowed to initiate or ask him only 20% of the time in other words. you’re not the one who’s going to be starting the day with a good morning caller text instead let him do it eventually he will recognize the difference and wonder why you’ve suddenly gone silent on him let him feel a little down and realize he was happier when things were different your silence will speak volumes and he will usually start to pursue you again quickly oh and make him wait before you return his calls Intact. 

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I understand the urge to respond back immediately especially if you’ve been waiting to hear from him fora while but taking some time before responding to his contact sends themes sage that you are busy and not just sitting by the phone waiting for him to reach out have patience and take your time before responding doing. so will certainly increase his yearning for you number five keep your standards and expectations high remember it’s your values and your expectation that sets the bar for your relationship. it sets your standards of what you expect and where you set your own bar determine show anyone else is going to treat you because the way we love and value ourselves sets up the way in which we let other people love and value us or mistreat us the problem that so many people have when they are fearful. 

That someone is slipping away they’re often willing to compromise their standards and accept anything just to keep the relationship going and when you do that you’re setting low parameters for him. but when you refuse to entertain or tolerate behaviors or actions of his that you don’t agree with or that don’t meet your standards. then you are staying true to yourself and keeping your standards high so if a man isn’t meeting your standards if a man isn’t treating you right if a man isn’t meeting your needs you must be willing to walk away you cannot lie to yourself or bargain with yourself that although he isn’t really what you’re looking for he will change or things will get better. 

Believe me they won’t and if anything they will only get worse when he knows that you aren’t willing to settle that you aren’t going to tolerate behaviors or actions of his that you don’t agree with he’s going to step up his game and step up to the challenge. but he will only experience this if he knows that you are willing and able to walk away from something that isn’t right for you and that brings me to the most important point of the video if you spent sometime doing all of these steps and you find that he still isn’t prioritizing you or the relationship and you must walk away with your head held up high look I know it’s not easy to accept the fact that a man doesn’t want a relationship with you or that a man hasn’t made you a priority it hurts and it hurts a lot that’s because people deeply personalize romantic rejection to the point of attaching. get his attention


Their value and self-worth to whether or not a man wants them but when you do that you give away your power and rely on the validation of a man to tell you that you’re good enough. let me repeat that when yourself-worth and value is attached to whether or not some man wants a relationship with you then you give up all of your hoping to get validation from him. so if he doesn’t want you you start to question yourself and ask what’s wrong with me and that’s the opposite of the way that you should be thinking about it. 

get his attentionThe question you should be asking is what’s wrong with him think about it this way this is a man who hasn’t known you very long and your value and worth has nothing to do with his perception of you after all his perception is simply based on his imagination and the limited interactions that he’s had with you both good and bad so take your power back and Trust the process regardless of how badly you want him if he isn’t making you or the relationship a priority you must put your self-respect above your feelings and walk away remember forget what you feel and remember what you deserve when you shift into what you want instead of whether or not someone wants you you are practicing self-love and you gain so much freedom and move forward with confidence but again it all starts with self-love. get his attention