As the world goes through a global pandemic, old lifestyles are drastically evolving and been outdated. Working, studying, and staying at home is now the “new normal”. Another massive change taking place is the rise of e-commerce, Although it has been in existence for quite a while but i must say that the emergence of COVID19 is a Breath of fresh air into the game as it has enhanced the rise of e-commerce.

While online shopping was already quite popular, the pandemic has increased its prevalence. It has become increasingly important for businesses to shift their operations online, leaving them with no other option than adopting the new marketing strategies and maintaining online presence in the process. While every business is adapting, some big guns who have made name just like the Amazon are thriving, also inspiring the likes of Facebook to follow suite. In this article we will talk about the rise of e-commerce during COVID-19.

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Amazon thriving

Amazon has always been a market leader for e-commerce. Since starting as just an online book seller, Amazon has grown to become one of the if not the biggest ecommerce businesses in the world. From offering their own services, Amazon has now expanded to offer businesses around the globe to set up their online shops through Amazon and sell their products worldwide. Amazon’s system is so sleek and digitalized, that many warehouses may not even have human operators working there.

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However, who knew that this system would prove to be revolutionary. With the current global situation arising from the pandemic, businesses are flooding the likes of Amazon to set up their online platforms. This has proven so successful that Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, is set to become the world’s first trillionaire, having increased his valuation by more than $20 billion since the start of 2020.

Facebook follows

Facebook is one of the leading digital companies in the world, always looking to expand its operations and cater to an ever-evolving consumer base. They did this by introducing the like of Facebook jobs to help people find an employment searching platform alternative to the like of LinkedIn. Almost a week ago, Facebook further announced its launch of Facebook Shops. This launch would prove as a competitor to the likes of Amazon, enabling businesses to sell their products through Facebook. This would help small businesses set up online shops, especially those who have been forced to close down their businesses due to the Coronavirus. 

A change in culture

The rise of ecommerce has brought about an incredible change. Since the Pandemic hit, companies who had an online presence were thriving while others were struggling. The introduction of the likes of Facebook Shops and the increased use of Amazon has given signs of changing times. Gone are the days of old, physical stores. This is the era of online shopping and businesses, so we must all adapt accordingly, or risk being left behind.