Have you ever tried cracking up a walnut with your bare teeth and instead of crushing it between your molars, you tried crushing them with your incisors? Sadly, the walnut did not crack open but instead, your incisors chipped off! Now how painful of an experience could that be, right? What’s more painful is the fact that now every-time you smile in front of your favorite people, you will always have a chipped window open in between your teeth making you look ugly among your favorite friends. Sounds harsh, doesn’t it? Chipped Tooth repair.

chipped tooth repair

Getting a chipped tooth is a common problem that every kid and adult must face once in a lifetime. 

Besides, biting down hard, there are several other ways how a tooth can be chipped off. For instance, you can chip a tooth by getting hit in the mouth with something hard as a butt of a hammer or a broomstick. Other reasons why you can get a chip tooth is because of tooth decay or night teeth grinding, a condition known as bruxism. One way or the other, it is important that one should understand the potential problems that one must suffer with a chipped tooth and what is the best course of action he/she can take.

Without further, let’s learn everything we can about a chipped tooth. 

What Can Possibly Go Wrong if Chipped Tooth Isn’t Treated on Time? 

If you’re not that conscious about your smile and overall looks, then getting a little chip might not be much of a problem for you. While, smaller chips aren’t much of a problem unless the chipped part of your tooth is sharp enough to harm your mouth. The fairly large ones are important to be treated right away because they can create some serious mouth problems. You can often find yourself suffering with pain, hot/cold sensitivity, problems of bad breath, swollen gland, infected roots and whatnot. 

If not treated on time, a chipped tooth can create all of these problems. 

  • A chipped tooth can harm your tongue, gums and inner cheeks. 
  • Deep chips can create problems for the root of the tooth, which can later become infectious. 
  • You can experience tooth decay, which can ultimately end up in triggering tooth sensitivity. 
  • Untreated tooth chips can become relatively larger and may lead to problems with tooth extraction. 

Hence, when you get a chipped tooth then it is highly important that you get it treated on priority.

Or else, brace yourself to face all such kinds of tooth problems. 

Dentist Chipped Tooth Repair. 

When you encounter a chip tooth problem, it is best that you visit your local dentist in Ireland to get yourself a tooth chip repair done. Normally, a dentist will inspect your chipped tooth and identify how bad the chip tooth problem is. If it is repairable, then he/she will file the chipped tooth or use a dermal bond, so it looks exactly the way it was before it got chipped off. Now, in case, if you delay the tooth chip problem & still choose to visit the dentist, he will see whether the tooth chip was a deep one or a shallow chip/slice. 

In case, your chip tooth has created a tooth cavity or infection, there’s a high chance your local dentist will ask you to get yourself a dental implant in Dublin. If you do not get one, it can literally get more infectious. 

If there is not any form of infection, then in case of a minor chip, your dentist will only smooth out the rough edges or fill the tooth void with a dermal filling. In case, the chip is severe but has not damaged the root only requires a cap or a crown to protect the tooth from all kinds of future infections. In case, the root is not severely damaged, then a root canal is your best option otherwise, an infected tooth will need an implant. 

Preventive Measures for Future Tooth Chipping? 

The first & foremost thing you need to do is practice good oral hygiene. By keeping your teeth cleaned on a regular basis, you will ensure that there does not occur any form of tooth decay or cavity problem. 

Also, keeping your oral hygiene top-notch will ensure that your tooth enamel stays strong. 

The stronger the enamel in your teeth, the lesser are the chances of your teeth getting chipped. 

Are you a sports player and you often get hit by a football or a basketball on your face? then your dentist may recommend you to wear a mouthguard in order to protect your teeth, especially from getting chipped.

If you have a nervous habit of biting nails or chewing pen caps, then it’s best you change your nervous habit to something else. Most nervous individuals keep a stress ball with them to manage stresses. 

If you’re a teenager or a kid, or a parent who fears that your child might chip a tooth… Avoid letting them eat hard candies and instead allow them to eat the softer ones. With good oral hygiene, there’s a high chance that you or your child might experience a chip tooth problem even when they want to satiate their sweet tooth. So there you go here’s everything you can do to prevent tooth chipping and cause problems. 

Tooth chipping may sound a normal problem but if you have one, then don’t waste time, visit a dentist.