If you are a huge Korean movie fans or you are new into the korean movie game then this article is definitely for you as we will be sharing with you the must watch best Korean movies.

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  • Best Korean movies of all time
  • Best Korean movies 2020
  • Best Korean movies 2019
  • Best Korean movies 2018


Best Korean movies of all time:

1.Memories of Murder

 Memories of Murder
  • Production year- (2003)
  • Duration- 132 min
  • Genre- Action, Crime, Drama
  • Rating- 8.1

 A very Rich Atmosphere and Flawless Story Telling I can say a near perfect movie. You wont Find a Better Serial Killer Movie.

2. Oldboy

  • Production year- (2003)
  • Duration-120 min
  • Genre| Action, Drama, Mystery
  • Rating- 8.4

 Never thought I have Been So Engrossed in a Film. One of the Best Movies Ever Made if not the best.

3. Saw the Devil

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  • Production Year – (2010)
  • Duration- 144 min
  • Genre- Action, Crime, Drama
  • Rating 7.8

This movie is a Black Humor at its Best. The Pace is Perfect, Cinematography is Stunning everything is a hit about this movie.

4.Lady Vengeance

sympathy for lady vengeance
  • Production Year – (2005)
  • Duration 115 min |
  • Genre- Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • Rating 7.6

This movie is way more Focused Than Mr Vengeance. A Good Movie, But it storyline let’s down


Mother - Korean Drama - Review | Asian Retrospects
  • Production Year – (2009)
  • Duration 129 min |
  • Genre Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • Rating 7.8

Shows Just How Far a Mother Will Go To Save her Son. Great Mystery Film With a Bittersweet Ending Great Direction and Phenomenal Acting.

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Best Korean movies 2020

1.“Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War”

  • Duration – 2h 28m
  • Genre – Action war
  • Rating – 9.5

Tae Guk GI is a touching story of two brothers that got conscripted to fight in the Korean War.

2.The Man Standing Next

  • Duration – 1h 54m
  • Genre – Action, Adventure
  • Rating – 9.1

The Man Standing Next is a 2020 political drama film directed by Woo Min-ho, based on the novel.

3. Mr. Zoo: The Missing VIP

  • Duration – 1h 54m
  • Genre comedy adventure
  • Rating – 8.9

Mr. Zoo: The Missing VIP is a 2020 South Korean comedy film directed by Kim Tae-yoon. After failing to protect his VIP during a mission, a top agent (Lee Sung-min) suddenly gains the ability to understand animals, so he teams up with a military dog to complete the mission.

4.Hitman: Agent Jun

  • Duration – 1h 50m
  • Genre Action Comedy Adventure
  • Rating 8.8

Hitman: Agent Jun is a 2020 South Korean action comedy film directed by Choi Won-sub. After faking his death to pursue his passion for creating comics, a legendary hitman agent (Kwon Sang-woo) accidentally uploads a comic based on his past life, and soon enough, he becomes a global target.

5. Gang

  • Duration – 1h 43m
  • Genre – love action adventure
  • Rating 8.7

Gang is a 2020 South Korean action film directed by Jo Bar-eun. At a high school full of delinquents, the top fighters compete in a fight club where the winner will rule the school.

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Best Korean movies 2019

1. Parasite

  • Duration – 2h 12m
  • Genre: Thriller, Black Comedy
  • Rating 9.6

It’s no shock that a movie like Parasite tops our list of 2019’s best Korean films. Parasite might be the most internationally renowned Korean movie thus far,as it won won the Palme d’Or at 2019’s Cannes Film Festival, and has Oscars nominations for Best Director, Screenplay, and International Feature.

2. Extreme Job

  • Duration – 1h 51m
  • Genre: Comedy, Action
  • Rating: 9.4

Korea’s best comedies, Extreme Job dominated 2019’s box office and became the second most watched Korean movie of all time. Almost a third of South Korea’s population saw it in theaters.

3. Exit

  • Duration – 1h 44m
  • Genre: Disaster, Comedy, Action
  • Rating: 9

Those who aren’t K-pop fans can also enjoy this dynamic action movie, which mixes high entertainment value with biting social commentary.


  • Duration – 1h 56m
  • Genre: Drama, Crime, Thriller
  • Rating: 8.9

 this movie is all about , a young stockbroker named Jo Il-hyun (Ryu Jun-yeol) gets involved with a mysterious insider trading scheme. It’s worth the watch you will definitely love this.


  • Duration – 2h 0ms
  • Genre: Drama, Family, Tragedy
  • Rating: 8.9

In 2014, the ferry MV Sewol sank near South Korea’s coast. 304 people died, including 250 students. While Korean filmmakers have made multiple documentaries about the Sewol disaster, 2019’s Birthday is the first dramatic feature that best explains the incident.

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Best Korean movies 2018

1.Swing Kids

  • Duration – 2h 14m
  • Genre- Musical comedy Pop
  • Rating: 9.7

 The film is theatrical and has an incredible infectious rhythmic tap dance. Therefore, if you love old school Hollywood dance, this is one of the best Korean films to watch.


  • Duration – 2h 28m
  • Genre –  psychological,Mystery
  • Rating – 9.4

There is no doubt that Chang-Dong is a household name in the Korean film industry. In 2018, Lee Chang-Dong compiled stories from two different countries and eras to produce one of the best Korean movies; Burning. The film has a beautiful contemporary story about three young Koreans Ben, Hae-Mi and Jong-Su.

3.The House of Hummingbird

  • Duration – 2h 18m
  • Genre – Drama
  • Rating – 9

The House of Hummingbird is an epic film that features a beautiful teenage girl who announces an exceptional talent in Seoul Circa in 1994.

4.Keys to the Heart

  • Duration – 2h 1m
  • Genre – comedy-dram
  • Rating – 8.8

Keys to the heart is a heart-warming family film. From the creators of the award-winning films, keys to the heart feature Lee Byung Hun, a washed-up boxer and Park Jung Min, a pianist with savant syndrome.

5.Our Body

  • Duration – 1h 35m
  • Genre – Drama
  • Rating – 8.6

Our body is an impressive film, 2018 debut and a major project for Han Ga rams Korean Academy of Film Arts. Being a youth and low budget film, it employs the use of a simple motif hobby to give purpose to protagonists.