People are now very conscious about their house’s appearance. They install deck to mushroom the beauty of the house. But they should keep one thing in mind that maintaining the deck is not really a piece of cake. People at times forget this thing and their deck ends up in worst condition. best deck stain color

The series of questions that floods your mind is, How to maintain the deck? What color is suitable for my deck? Initially when you install the deck either by yourself or you gain it through services, the finishing is very important.

best deck stain color

The incentive decisions are imperative for the deck because the wood has a nature of getting dry very easily. 

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Importance of Deck Finishing

As we have discussed earlier that finishing is the prime part of this whole procedure, if done properly, it can make your wood last for long. Wood is the trend now and mostly people use wooden deck outside of their houses. The wooden deck is fully exposed to sun, wind, rain and many other elements so without proper finishing and shielding, it will get defeat post-haste. 

The sun rays produce UV radiation that penetrates the wooden deck and dries the natural oil of the wood. This disband the structure of the wooden deck and it disintegrates. This turns your deck into horrible appearance just like an old haunted house. 

best deck stain color
best deck stain color

Disadvantages of Unprotected Wooden Deck

Rotting of Wooden Deck:

When the rain, ice or snow falls on the wooden deck, the surface of wooden deck expands and soaks up the water, this cause swelling and eventually leads to rotting. 

Moss, Mild and Green Algae Growth:

The moisture in the wooden deck causes the production of moss, mild and green algae. 

Reduction in the Property Value

All the above written factors cause shape disruption of wooden deck and it diminishes the colour. As a whole, it totally reduces the value of your property which is a considerable issue. To avoid this whole situation, you only need to do the proper finishing and shielding of the wooden deck. 

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Which Colour is Suitable for My Deck?

Well this is something very important issue mostly people face. Choosing the right deck stain colors will confer a personalize effect and sense of belonging. The colour of your deck needs some special attention as well, just like you pay attention to wall textures, wall papers and painting your walls with your favourite colours. Warmer tone colours add brightness and cheer your mood whereas, cooler paint tones create a more relaxing atmosphere. 

The decision of choosing the colour for deck stain is very crucial as the correct colour spiff up the whole look and adds attraction to the house. 

Either you choose bold colour or neutral colour both will give an antique and modish look to your deck. 

We Will Discuss Some Attractive Deck Stain Colors:

deck stain color
best deck stain color

Cape Cod Grey

This colour is light brown and grey in shade. It gives brown smoky look. Mostly this colour is used in outdoor settings. Applying this colour on your deck, gives a very smooth and neutral look. 


It is a mixture of chocolate brown and grey, it is dark in nature. It gives exotic and rich look to deck. Either the deck is for home or restaurant, this colour gives a whole new look. 

Honey Gold

This colour is one the most attractive and eye catching in nature. It is warm and light in nature. It gives a very comfortable and cosy environment, and especially in sunny days this colour rules on other colours. 

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Copper Verde

It is a beautiful dark green colour which gives smoothness to your eyes. This is very unique and different. If your house or restaurant is in urban area then this colour is the best option as it will totally spark. 


Rosewood is one of the richest colours. It gives a very sharp and bold look to the deck. This colour is more suitable for farmhouses. 

Beige Grey 

Beige grey gives the atmosphere of peace and calmness. Apparently it is creamy colour, often called as white chocolate. This colour is widely used. You can definitely select this colour but there is a drawback, it gets dusty and dull effortlessly.

So these were the most popular and appropriate deck stain colors. Now whatever the colour you choose from the above list will definitely add beauty to your house and makes your money worth spending. 

But now another very important question is that either to paint the wooden deck or to stain the wooden deck. 

Well surely there is a huge difference between these two. 

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Staining is a very common method that is used. It is very less expensive and it doesn’t require much labour as this method is very easy to apply. It provides protection to wooden deck and accelerate its life span. It gives a very smooth and shiny look to the wooden deck. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and they maintain the natural beauty of wood. 

One of the major advantage of staining is that it doesn’t get too much slippery after rain. Moreover staining colours lasts for longer period. 


Painting is another very famous method but it is expensive. It offers very unique colours but it contains chemicals that affects the natural beauty of wooden deck. It gets very slippery when it is wet. 

Point to ponder

Both of the options are reliable and they contain shielding effect. Painting is a very good option for the vertical surfaces as it gets slippery. While staining is best for both vertical and horizontal surfaces. 

One should make sure to clean the wooden deck thoroughly and apply the proper finishing to deck.