Best Life Hack Websites, Being human is complicated enough, why not making your life easier?

When talking about making our life easier, it often related to the term “Life Hack“. Hence, what is the real meaning of life hack?

Life hack is any shortcuts, tricks, and anything that make our daily activities became more efficient, effective, and easier. The reason is, life hack is designed to save your time, energy, and even cost!

best life hack websites

Nowadays, we can find all those shortcuts and life hacks easily on the web! So, here are top 7 life hack website that help you to simplify your daily life:

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1. LifeHack

Founder: Leon Ho

This website has so many contents related to how to achieve goals in every aspect of life. The topic ranges from communication, relationship, motivation, until psychology.

They also provide free assessment to discover your true strength and how to live your life to the fullest. You can visit the website to try yours!

2. Life Hack Solution

Founder: Gian Stavin

Life Hack Solution is one of the most popular websites for tips and tricks. They have almost all contents related to tips and tricks, life hacks, and interesting insight that you might don’t know before.

Their feeds and content are basically brilliant and sometimes mind blowing. From replacing a battery using paper clip until strengthen phone signal using paper clip, you can find all the step by step guide in 21 Science Life Hacks With Scientific Explanation.

3. LifeHacker

Founder: Gina Trapani

Life Hacker is a blog website that share posts and article on doing everything in a better way. They’re famous of post about “how to” and decision making advise.

Though, they also have their merchandise section on their site, selling some plain things with their brand on it.


Founder: Tom Spann

Brightside is one of the gigantic and most popular websites of tips and tricks and brilliant content. Not only website, they also famous on YouTube in which the videos has been watched by millions of people in the world.

Their content is hilarious and interesting. Until know they have bunch of employees and content creator that is working for brightside who producing interesting topic every day.

5. WikiHow

Founder: Jack Herrick &  Josh Hannah

Who don’t know about wikihow? A world’s famous encyclopedia website about how to do anything. You basically can type on the website on what you want to do and they literally have written and covered most of the topic

Featured in google, wikihow start from 2 person and now they managed to have bunch of content creator working from them. Inspiring enough?

6. 1000lifehacks

If you like to google about “life hack”, you might have found bunch of the image that have been made by 1000lifehacks. The “1000” here is really mean they have produced over 1000+ life hacks on the web!

They have also produced the card set of life hack on amazon. Check it out!

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7. Tips and

Tips and is a website that specialized in any tips and tricks to do anything. They have various section from DIY, cleaning, until life hacks.

If you like to see more tips and tricks, check out their website!


Similar to tips and, life hacks io is a blog website that producing solution and tricks to do anything better. 

Not only life hacks, they also have section of all these interesting quotes to say to someone. Go and check them out guys!


Please note that the reason we don’t include platform website such as buzzFeed or medium on this post, because we only put website that specialized in life hack. 

If you like about tips and tricks, shortcuts, and life hack, don’t forget to check out these websites and let me know if i missed anything.