Arranged marriage in india : There has been a red flag since the beginning. She kept ignoring those! 

When she wanted to get her wishes accomplished but now, she is noticing after several years of marriage that those wishes are even untouched. It is not worth remembering those days when a person who used to love you and made his priority to get your wishes fulfilled. All your admiration about Punjabi Shaadi has burned and gone futile just because of wrong partner selection.

arranged marriage in india

People in India keep continuing to opt or keep pushing for arranged marriage, with more than 2000 arranged marriages cases pending in the files. Definitely, it is obvious to wonder what makes Indian Women have such a frequent choice for arranged marriages. Here we are discussing some reasons why Indian women go for arranged (or ‘semi-arranged’) marriages in India.

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1 – Parents Know It Best

They feel more assured not to get separated if they marry men arranged by the parents. They assume their parents are always on their sides if they encounter any marital issues. Reality is they are more in support and also more secure if they arrange an idol partner from the marriage bureau in Amritsar. India Women may feel happier if they select their partner more wisely. 

2 – Heartbreak or A Failed Romance

Like we see and read dozens of romantic marriages happening and then suddenly breaking without any reason. We also compel to make a reactive decision to go for an arranged marriage. The same thing happens in the domain of women and tends to consider an arranged marriage. Other cases are where women accept to marry someone they don’t know after suffering a hurtful breakup.

Many relationships due to career choices remain incomplete where both partners do not have the reason to get it over everything all of a sudden. Unfortunately, very few long-distance relationships last. They unknowingly lose faith in others and start prioritizing their parents’ choices that make them go for arranged marriages.

3 – Not Meeting The Right Man At The Right Time

Yes, you heard it right! This is also a reason and last reason on our list. Women tend to lose everything with their arranged partner without realizing the fact that they deserve the better. They deserve to get their idol mate with the marriage bureau in Amritsar and deserve to live a happy and prosperous life with them.

Women keep focusing on the career and forget about love life and type of partner. Until they realize they already turn 30, which is quite late as per Indian marriage standards. Most men assume they are already married and constraining themselves to ask for marriage. 

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Conclusion On Arranged Marriage In India..

As for ending a big topic – why Indian women go for arranged marriages, we shared 3 pointers above in a detailed version. Still, if you want your love marriage in an arranged twist then bother the marriage bureau in Amritsar and ensure the family’s evaluation, market reputation, occupational and educational background.