My Trekking Expedition in India; I have been hearing a lot about beach trekking and all kinds of trekking that has popped up in the trekking world. Now, I have done trekking on mountains ranging from easy treks to difficult treks. You know the kinds of trekking experience a person would. I have covered almost all the major trekking destinations in the country.

Trekking Expedition in india

So when I heard about beach trekking it piqued my interest and I wondered what would be undertaken while trekking on the beaches although Having trekked my entire life on the mountains, this was like a breath of fresh air for me. In order to feed my curiosity, I decided to undertake a beach trekking expedition that was when I started to plan my trekking trip.

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First and foremost step was to know about beach trekking. I started with the research on the beach trekking expedition. During the research, my interest regarding the beach trek was heightened by reading all about it and looking at the wonderful and stunning pictures. Then the next step was to decide the location. This was the most difficult thing to do as there are like so many destinations for beach trekking in India. Every destination is so beautiful and has a unique charm of its own. After much deliberation, I chose Gokarna as the destination for my first ever beach trekking expedition. 

The town of Gokarna is a small coastal town located in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is one of the most popular destinations among foreign tourists. A recently newly discovered location for beach trekking. However, the town of Gokarna has been popular among the local population as a pilgrim destination. Gokarna is also called as the temple town owing to the fact that it houses Mahabaleshwar temple. The town has now become popular for its numerous beaches and temples established in almost every nook and corner of the town. 

The next step was to decide when to visit and which travel operator to plan the trip with. As the town of Gokarna is located in the southern part of the country. The place does not experience extreme weather conditions. However the humidity level is very high during the summers which would make  a trip during summers really uncomfortable. The best time to visit the town of Gokarna is during the months from October to March. I decided to undertake the trip during the month of November. The next step was to do the booking for the trip. I booked my trip with a company called BanBanjara. Now all the pre-trip preparations are done. I couldn’t wait to go on the trip.

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The D- Day has arrived. I am on my way to the first ever beach trekking expedition of my life. Upon arrival in Gokarna, I was wrapped in the serenity of the town. The first day was all about exploring the town of Gokarna. The lanes of Gokarna had a very different vibe around it. The place was bustling with pilgrims from all over the country. The next day was the trekking day. The trek was one of the most mesmerising experiences of my life. I am sharing the itinerary of the trek below:

  • Paradise Beach

We started the trek from the picturesque Paradise Beach. The beach was one of the most stunning beaches that I have been to. I loved the quiet and peaceful atmosphere around the beach. The surreal beauty and the serene vibes of the Paradise beach was the perfect start for the day. 

  • Half Moon Beach

The next stop was the famous Half Moon beach. There were hammocks tied around the beach to let people relax and spend some solitude time. After spending some quality time in the serenity of Half moon beach we moved forward with the trek. 

  • Om Beach

From Half moon beach we proceeded towards the Om beach. Om Beach is the most popular and crowded beach in the town of Gokarna. We spent some time admiring  the natural beauty at the Om beach. Then, we move towards the next and the final beach. 

  • Dolphin Beach

Dolphin beach is the last beach of the trek. We got to see the stunning sunsets by the water. The changing colours of sky was surely the highlight of the trek. From here, we moved to the camping spot. 

  • Gokarna Camping

The camping site was near paradise beach. We took a ferry from Paradise beach to reach the campsite. This was the end of my Gokarna beach trek. 

The wonderful memories of the trip are some of the most cherished ones. It was hands down the most thrilling and unique trips of life. I would like to thank everyone involved for making my first ever beach trek such an awesome and amazing trip.