I have been receiving quite a few queries regarding various departments of AIIMS Bhopal, especially for the purpose of choosing them for post-graduation, through emails and Quora messages. Interestingly, numerous medicos asked me about Pathology department of AIIMS Bhopal, which is a less glamorous course as compared to clinical subjects. On asking further, the wannabe junior residents of pathology told that they don’t wish to stay in clinical subjects due to hectic work schedule and the stress associated with it and pathology is such a branch which will keep you in touch with the diseases than any other non-clinical subject. So, I will describe in detail about the pathology department of AIIMS Bhopal in detail here along with a disclaimer that, my opinion can be biased because I was taught by the faculties of same department. 

Pathology department

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Pathology department was started off in the year 2013 with just four faculties. However, since the beginning, we knew that they were very committed to their work. They were very particular about the academics and they used to conducted internal exams at regular intervals. Let alone regular exams, they used to counsel students who scored less or had low attendance. Even though this may sound childish, nevertheless these actions had a positive impact on academics. For the ease of explanation, I will discuss under the given headings.


The academic schedules were sent to us well in advance (both theory and practical classes) and it was strictly followed. Even the tutors and demonstrators, who conducted the practical sessions, were very dedicated unlike their counterparts of other departments. I was forced to bunk some of my clinical postings to complete my record book diagrams because the tutors were particular about it. In association with faculties of Internal Medicine, Pharmacology, and Community Medicine, they conducted integrated teaching sessions and it was in fact very useful as far as developing concepts about the various disease conditions were concerned. Even though they were strict, towards the ending, as far as exams were concerned, I was confident only in Pathology that I would pass quite easily. 

2. Lab facilities

The pathology laboratory is located at ground floor of medical college building. It is a fully furnished lab with all the required facilities for undergraduates and post graduates. In the first year of operations itself, they procured all the necessary histology slides, gross specimens and instruments required for the practical sessions. At hospital, they have their own hemato-pathology lab, which in my opinion, is the best lab at AIIMS Bhopal. They dispatch the results on time without any unnecessary delay. The senior and junior residents work hand in hand and I have always noticed that the residents are satisfied with the department which is not the case in several other departments. The lab technicians are nice human beings who will help you out if you go to the department for some need. Even if they are in the middle of a busy job, whenever they notice you at the doorstep for fetching some result or to discuss about some histopathology specimen, without any hesitation, they will assist you.

Pathology Department
Pathology Department

3. Faculties

Best is the word, if not better than the best. All the senior and new faculties have excellent knowledge about the subject and are interested in teaching as well. A total of 9 faculties are there in Pathology department of AIIMS Bhopal as of now. Our HOD, Dr. Neelkamal Kapoor is a well-known researcher in the field of oncology. Even after passing out from AIIMS Bhopal, when I and my batch mates came back for convocation, which was almost a year later, they were the ones who were most happy for our achievements. I can assure that, they won’t irritate or scold anyone without any proper reason. The pathology post graduates also have great opinion about their faculties. There are department celebrations after conducting conferences or workshops.

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4. Research opportunities

Pathology department has tie up with International Summer School Oncology, which is held at Netherlands. Every year, around 4 undergraduates will be sent to Netherlands to attend the same. In lines of the same, they conduct International Winter School Oncology at Bhopal. They are keen in doing researches and publishing it. Every year, a large number of students do their STS-ICMR projects under pathology faculties. This is the department to approach if you want to do some research work at AIIMS Bhopal.

So, in short, it’s one of the fantastic departments of AIIMS Bhopal and if you are interested in pathology and if you obtain a seat in this department in AIIMS counselling, you can close your eyes and choose it.

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