Coronavirus is a severe respiratory syndrome that can lead to sickness or even death if worsened. COVID-19 pandemic has created a challenging situation for the people and country as well. coronavirus pandemic potential has set everything is in lockdown, people have been facing shortage of essential items and unemployment.

The virus may spread easily among people through interaction and it may be life threatening to people who have a weak immune system. Coronavirus can survive on surfaces and in the air for long enough to infect other people. You may be infected with coronavirus without any symptoms, and as you meet other people you may pass it to others.

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Coronavirus has been infecting people at a faster rate for the past few months. The symptoms may vary from person to person. Since there is no vaccination for coronavirus, people must take preventative measures to stay away from this life-threatening virus. Below are listed 7 important things to avoid during Coronavirus:

Avoid touching your face

Since the germs of Coronavirus can stay on surfaces for more than 72 hours, it is most likely to get the virus by touching any physical surface at public places. Door knobs, handle, glass or even your cell phone can have the infectious germs that could easily infect you as you touch your face.

You must avoid touching any part of your face including your nose, mouth and eyes. You can even get infected by biting your nails as the virus can sit on your hands and nails as well.

Avoid shaking hands with people

Avoid shaking hands with people

The virus is easily transferable among people. As the virus can stay on surfaces for long enough time, you never know who has been having symptoms of COVID. Thus, it is better to avoid shaking hands and hugging people, as skin to skin contact can pass the virus from one person to another.

Avoid sharing personal items

Since you can’t figure out the mild symptoms of Coronavirus in anyone, you can never rest assured that you are safe surrounding. Avoid sharing personal items of other people such as their makeup, phones, combs or even food. Do not use other people’s utensils such as spoons, forks or straws as it could make the virus transfer easily from person to person. You can use disposable cups, plates, spoons and straws for the time till this virus is not fully evacuated.

Avoid coughing on someone’s face

It is recommended to cover your mouth when you cough. Coronavirus is most likely to spread through air droplets to other people as you sneeze or cough. Your cough droplets can also land on any hard surface and last for more than 72 hours. Avoid coughing directly on someone’s face. You must use a tissue or a napkin to sneeze into. It is suggested to sneeze into your elbow and keep your hands clean. Keep washing your hands from time to time. You can also get masks to cover your face. With Doordash Coupons, you can get masks at a good discounted rate.

Avoid social gatherings

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Coronavirus is most likely to spread by being in large groups or gatherings. By getting closely in contact with people, the risk of getting infected with coronavirus is comparatively higher than being quarantined. Places where public gatherings could have taken place such as places of worship, shopping malls, beaches and parks are closed down in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Thus, it is suggested to avoid social gatherings and stay safe.

Avoid to eat from public places

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Avoid eateries, coffee shops, bars and restaurants because coronavirus can spread through utensils, dishes and food. People with mild symptoms of Coronavirus might leave their droplets in the air that could infect you severely. You can call in for deliveries and takeaways, but ensure to reheat the food at high temperature to kill the infectious virus. Try to eat homemade food and avoid to eat from public places until the situation gets settled down.

Avoid to be with your family if you feel sick

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If you feel any of the symptoms of Coronavirus, it is advised to stay in quarantine until 14 days. Avoid being with your family members as well, and get settled in your room until you feel well. Try to have your meal in your room and keep a safe distance from your family members.

Final Word on coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus is a deadly disease that could cost you your life. It is suggested to take preventive measures rather than regretting at the end. We suggest you maintain safe distance from people, avoid going to public places, stop touching your face and stay safe at home until the situation gets settled down. Care for your loving ones and yourself because it’s you who can make a difference and save lives. Stay safe, stay at home and maintain safe distance. Take care people!

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