Exhibition stand
Exhibition stand

Exhibition Stand : Most business owners want to increase their business and expand their customer base by participating in exhibitions or trade shows. The exhibition floors are full of booths or exhibition stands and all exhibitors are vying for the attention of their targeted customers.

Some Quick Things To Look Out On:

Exhibition stand – From Longman Business Dictionary exhibition stand is a structure used at an exhibition for showing pictures and examples of a company’s products, and where sales people can talk to customers about their products Make sure there is plenty of space between exhibition stands.

8 Exhibition stand design tips

  • Set Goals. Before you start designing anything, set goals. …
  • Often booth size can be restrictive so it’s important to fully utilise the space you’ve been allocated.
  • Go Tall or Go Home.
  • Don’t be Text-Heavy
  • Lighting is Key.
  • Include Graphics.
  • Consider different materials.
  • Include Tech.

Ways to Attract Visitors to Your Exhibition Stand

  1. Contact attendees. Ask show organisers for a full list of attendees who registered for the event. …
  2. Remember your existing clients. …
  3. Promote before the show. …
  4. Reward your staff. …
  5. Provide a relaxing space. …
  6. Be visual. …
  7. Have a strong brand identity. …
  8. Provide an interactive element

How do I make my Exhibition Stand Successful

  1. Identify your objectives and set-up your budget. …
  2. Make your choice and be prepared in advance. …
  3. Communication is key. …
  4. Be prepared to network and get noticed at the show. …
  5. Choose your staff and train them well. …
  6. Do product demonstration. …
  7. Network and start measuring your success. …
  8. Always follow-up.

All exhibitors try to design and construct attractive exhibition stands to attract trade show attendees and increase the profit rate.  There are different ways to grab the attention of your potential customers in the trade show. The colorful booths, attractive lights, and smiling sales members let you achieve your objectives.

The experienced exhibitors know all important things to consider for designing a stunning exhibition stand just like exhibition stands UK. But, the beginners may find it difficult to design a perfect trade booth. 

Therefore, in this article, we have listed down all tips that will help the beginner to design a trade booth with the “WOW” factor. The beginners should hire the best exhibition stand designers because they know the latest trends in the exhibition industry.  

The beginners can use the following techniques to attract more customers in your trade booth:

  1. Incorporate Attractive Games

You can attract targeted customers by incorporating interesting games in your booth. Gamification does not mean Scrabble or Monopoly. But, you have to be creative and think about some challenging and fun related games. 

Make sure you add only those games in your exhibition stands that will entice your potential customers. The alluring games will help in triggering conversation between sales team members of the booth and targeted customers.

  1. Announce Competitions

You can announce a competition in your trade booth and offer an attractive award to the winners. It is the best way to attract potential customers at your booth. In the meantime, the potential customers can start a meaningful conversation with the trade booth visitors. 

A meaningful conversation can derive a huge amount of sales. Do not forget to announce attractive awards. Also, you should note down the contact details of people who participate in the competition. This will help you to take a follow up after the trade show.  

The main objective of the competition is to engage your booth visitors for a long time. The more you engage booth visitors, the higher will be the chances of converting your booth visitors into the lead.

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  1. Install Photo Booths

It is imperative to maintain a happy and good vibes in your exhibition stand. The more you create a fun environment, the more will be the chances of attracting booth visitors. 

One of the best ways to create a fun atmosphere in your exhibition stand is to hire a photo booth and install it in your exhibition stand. Do not forget to print your brand logo on this photo booth. 

You can either go for exhibition stand hire along with trade booth to reduce expenditure. When people click pictures in the photo booth and upload them on social media, then your brand logo will appear in the picture. Moreover, you can tell your booth visitors to add hash tags and captions related to your brand while uploading the picture. 

  1. Run Question & Answer Round

If you want to spread information about your product, then run a question and answer session for your booth visitors. It is a good idea to run this session three times a day.  This session will be quite helpful when there is a high volume of traffic passing around your booth. 

In this session, you should first introduce your product. After that, you can start the question answers round with the booth visitors. In this session, your potential customers can ask a question so that they can clear their doubts and get the right information. 

After the ends of this session, you can give your business cards or pamphlets to people who have attended this session. In addition to this, you can search for various exhibition stands ideas that will help you to achieve your objectives.

  1. Create A Relaxing Lounge

The trade show attendees feel tired after walking around the entire show. Thus, if you offer a relaxing lounge for them, they will feel comfortable and refresh. In addition to this, you can offer the refreshment and charging station. 

This will help you to attract more people inside your booth. The relaxing lounge will let the trade show attendees relax your weary legs. If you are offering refreshments to your booth visitors, then ensure that you have plenty of supplies.

Final Words

By implementing the above tips and tricks, you can easily transform an ordinary booth into an eye-catching exhibition stand. You should also arrange the promotional material in advance. So, that you can easily distribute pamphlets and business cards to your booths visitors. Do not forget to take their contact details so that you can take follow up after the show.