Apartment Interior

An apartment of single room is a challenge to decorate. It is hard to work with the interior of the room which is small in size. You need to be very creative to decorate the studio apartment interior. You should adopt those multitude of ways that utilize the space and make room feel more open and ample. For instance, instead of floor lamp or table for decoration pieces, use hanging ideas. You can have suspended ceiling grid installation for lights and other room décor.

Studio apartment does not mean frustrating or boring. The little and right interior décor can make it feel spacious and interesting. If you want to decorate your studio apartment, always remember that never overload it. Never overload your studio room with furniture, heavy decor and lots of colors. Keep your apartment simple and elegant.

While decorating a studio apartment requires a little more planning, ingenuity and editing. The end result of your efforts is well worth. Small interior changes can give a beautiful new look to your studio apartments. Let’s see some instant and effortless ways to decorate your studio apartment.

1. Bed into daybed:

For studio apartment, this is the best idea to have a folding bed. The bed can turn into daybed. This allows you to use your bed during the day as a couch. This creates extra seating option and space to your studio apartment. Whole day, you can place large pillow to give a creative and stylish couch-look to your bed.

2. Selection of furniture:

Furniture plays a vital role in interior decoration. Always select simple, stylish, multiuse and elegant furniture for your room. It is one room apartment, so make it beautiful and eye-catching without overloading. For instance, select a cupboard with have shelve outside and mirror as well on its door. You can place antique pieces and other things on shelve. Mirror can also light up your space and make it spacious.

3. Hanging lights:

Hanging lights is the simplest way to decorate your studio apartment interior. It looks very stylish and sophisticated. It is an amazing way to decorate in less time and effort. You need to just buy a beautiful hanging lamp and simply attach with your celling. Attach in the center of your studio apartment.

4. An accent wall:

A great way to create some visual interest in your studio apartment is by creating an accent wall. You can use bold colors and abstract wallpaper to define the space. This accent wail in your studio apartment serves as a giant piece of art.

5. Standout elements:

You can make your studio apartment interesting by adding bold touches. You can have an eye-catching display of art at the front wall of your apartment. An oversized antique mirror can also make the room stylish. Moreover, some vintage pieces or couple of frames on the wall can also be a good idea for interior décor.


Beautiful curtains are also a good way of interior décor. If your studio apartment is big in length, you can have wooden shelve stand. This can be a good way to decorate, you can place beautiful decoration pieces and also use as a dvision in apartment.