Amazing Examples of User-Generated Content : Brands are using various marketing strategies to promote their brand be it give away campaigns, influencer marketing, etc. However, User generated content holds high potential when it comes to convincing your customers and building trust. 

With high competition in the market, it becomes challenging for brands to create engaging, interactive and creative content for their users. 

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When it comes to online shopping the first thing we do is searching online reviews of the product. The content in the form of photos, videos, feedback, recommendation, etc. which are shared by the users on their personal social media account is nothing but UGC. 

How User-Generated Content Campaigns Can Build Trust and Boost Growth?

UGC is a customer-centric approach. Brands share the users’ stories on their websites, digital signage in stores or at live events to spread brand awareness. It is a fact that consumers trust recommendations from family, friends or acquaintances rather than promotional content from brands. Thus, content marketing which is centric around UGC is driving success for many businesses.

User generated content campaigns are helping brands to build trust among their users by displaying them authentic and reliable content gathered from their existing consumers. According to the Adweek report, 85% of the people find UGC more trustworthy, meaningful and authentic.

Moreover, strategically used UGC in marketing campaigns helps to achieve a 30% higher user-engagement rate than branded content.

5 Best Examples Of User-Generated Content Campaign to Inspire From

  1. GoPro: #GoPro & Currently Runing #HomePro

GoPro values it’s customers and understands the importance of user-generated content that brings the real essence to brand image. A user journey with the product plays a huge role in defining the success of the product. GoPro has always shared its customers’ stories on social media platforms. 

GoPro is highly active in creating marketing campaigns, challenges, and contests to build a strong connection with their users. The brand influences and encourage its users to generate valuable UGC. 

GoPro displays this UGC on their website and social handles. It also runs a campaign that gives users a chance to win 1 million dollars based on the best visual shot. 

Currently, its lockdown stage in almost every country, instead of sitting ideal at home, GoPro brings #Homepro challenge for people to share the best photos and videos from the indoor or backyard adventures but by staying safe at their home. The most amazing or out of the box capture will give chance to win their newly launched 360-degree camera as a reward. They are going to run this campaign for almost a month with five winners every day. This will be the kick start for the photography learners to sharpen their skills. 

  1. #ShareYourEars With Disney & Make-A-Wish Campaign

This was a collaborative campaign by Disney and Make a Wish to offer help to transform the lives of children with critical illnesses. To celebrate Mickey’s 90th Birthday, Disney’s park promised to donate $5 for every photo uploaded with #shareyourears to Make a Wish foundation. 

This campaign notices a huge engagement rate with so many photos of users’ own version of mickey’s ears. They collected  UGC featuring fans’ photos and made a video out of it. 

The campaign was successful in terms to drive engagement, build brand awareness and loyalty. The fundraising campaign became so successful that the team was able to donate an amount of $2million to Make a Wish.

  1. National Geographic – #WanderLustContest

National geographic is very active on it’s all social media platforms and always comes up with some amazing campaigns. Understanding the value of user-generated content they launched a contest on Instagram. 

The contest was based on sharing travel experiences (captures of people, places or experience) by the people around the world and posting with a caption #wanderlustcontest. 

In return, participants get a chance to win a visit to a photo expedition to Yosemite National park. 

At the end of the contest, National Geographic earned a large number of followers of travel-loving people and got an abundance of user-generated content. 

  1. #ShareaCoke By Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola started a campaign to encourage people to customize their own coke bottle with messages or names and then share their pictures with the hashtag #shareacoke. 

The campaign received tremendous response from the users and reminded them about their favorite cold beverage brand once again. The brand even allowed consumers to create messages like birthday wishes, wedding anniversaries, etc. 

  1. Starbucks: #RedCupContest

Every Year around Christmas, Starbucks launches #RedCupContest centric towards promoting their holiday-themed beverages served in red cups. This campaign is a smart move by the brand in engaging more users and increasing sales at the same time. The reason is that to participate in this campaign the user must have Starbuck’s Red cup. 

Interestingly these red cups are used in another campaign as discount coupons as red cups were “Reusable”.  It helps to generate sales as it encouraged lots of coffee lovers to save a few bucks by this reusable red coffee cup.

The brand has strategically designed two campaigns around the same concept i.e red cups. The advantages of such campaigns are gaining new customers, increasing sales, building brand loyalty, and most importantly getting fresh authentic content from your consumers.

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Conclusion on Examples of User-Generated Content campaigns

User-generated content is the driving force in today’s competitive market. People trust the brands having authentic high-quality customer experience, reviews, ratings, photos, etc. Brands with a stronghold on consumer-generated content have a higher engagement rate, growth rate, and user base. 

UGC should be used by every marketer to build trust among the users and to drive more traffic to their website, events or social media accounts. Because of the authentic and unbiased content, UGC has become the decision-making factor for every user before making any purchase. 

Thus, make your next campaign around UGC to gain higher user-engagement and fulfill your campaign objectives.